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l jusy bought a ipad 2. and now l wil like to know if l can down load iphoto on pc?

iPad 2
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    iPhoto has no cross platform capability



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    No. iPhoto only runs on a Mac. Now go out an get yourself one of those... you know you want to

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    Its too bad that Iphoto is limited to Apple products only. I have a mac but find that windows is way better so unfortunately I will have to use my mac to look at iphoto. Not good but I guess that I should have known that I was locked into Apple jail when I purchased it.

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    Gee - since windows is better why not just use the better software - no one makes you use a Mac or iPhoto - Do you complain because you can not put a Jaguar windshield in your Toyota? Apple makes solutions to allow you to use Windows on a Mac - maybe you should complain that windows is so poorly done that it does not offer the ability to run OSX or read Mac formatted disks - guess Windose is the inferior system after all


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    While iPhoto has some good features, You could use ViewNX2 which is a Nikon product. You can download the free version and it works very well. It does a better job at increasing sharpness and adding that color punch. It also does a lot better job at bringing out details in shadowed areas. VeiwNX2 also saves a copy of the original image so nothing is lost. iPhoto does a better job at removing noise (grain) and ViewNX2 doesn't allow you to create books or publish your work. There is a Windows 32 and 64 bit version as well as a Mac version. I would recommend it to anyone. --ed

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    You have no idea how much of a novice that comment just made you look. Apple can run Windows because Microsoft legally allows them. Just because it's not the other way around, doesn't make Windows an inferior OS. They're both great. Some people just prefer to use PC because it's less proprietary and allows for more options, but at the same time they enjoy the nice gadgets that apple provides like the iPod, iPhone, or even the iPad. It would be nice if apple allowed iPhoto onto PC as it did iTunes. God forbid somebody prefers something over your precious MAC.


    Think about what you've learned here,



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    Microsoft is a Software maker. Windows is an OS, and they really don't care what machine it's on as long as they get a licence fee. That's their business. Apple is a Hardware maker. The software they make is specifcally designed to facilitate them selling Hardware. Anytime they port software to Windows it's to help sell Hardware - Safari, iTunes and so on are all done to help sell iPhones, iPads and iPods. That's why Apple don't licence OS X on other hardware, because it would cost them hardware sales. Ditto with iPhoto. They don't make cameras, and until they do, they won't port iPhoto.


    Think about what you've learned here.

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    Incorrect. Apple is a device/machine maker. Saying they're a hardware maker implies that they manufacture parts that are available to the consumer. Instead, they manufacture a device with proprietary hardware (with the exception of the intel processors in the macs) bundled with software. By your logic, Microsoft would be considered a hardware maker because of the zune or the xbox. A PC is more than capable of running Apple's OS (due to it being linux based); however, there is no legal way to do so, unless you run it virtually. I understand what you're saying about not making a camera, but the iPhone is pretty much a camera subsitute and it would be nice if there was an easier way to manage and sync your photos on your PC without having to manually do it. Basically what I'm trying to say is that there should be better photo/cloud capabilities, even if incorporated into iTunes. Yes I know the experience with a MAC is better when managing all of your iOs devices, but I feel like the capabilities for those of us who prefer PC should be augmented a bit. And forgive me for being rude. It was in retaliation to the comment before mine.

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    Incorrect. Apple is a device/machine maker.


    No, not at all incorrect, as each and every one of these devices and machines is... hardware.


    Saying they're a hardware maker implies that they manufacture parts that are available to the consumer.


    I don't believe so, that would be a component maker. But this is pure semantics and gets us nowhere.


    Yes, Microsoft are now a leading hardware manufacturer in the Games space, but not in the computer space. They're making forays into the Tablet space, and we'll see how that goes. But the core point remains: Microsoft don't care what hardware you run Windows on - the more the merrrier for them - whereas Apple do. Only on Apple branded hardware, otherwise they lose money.


    I suggest you drop over to the iPhine forum. I'm sure folks over there will have suggestions for apps that will manage your Photos on your Windows machine.

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    I agree that these semantics are getting us nowhere. Microsoft is happy to have any machine run their software but with Apple being their competition in the personal computer industry, it is surely not something they prefer. Apple does make hardware, but what makes them stand out is the smooth interface and capabilities that their software provides. So in a way, the software is what it boils down to.

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    Im sure Ill be corrected if I am wrong but IIRC Apple doesnt license their macos to be run on any hardware except Apple machines so it has nothing to do with being superior or inferior, fact is you can run windows on a mac happily (assuming Intel mac of course) whereas unless you are willing to go down the "hackintosh" route you cant run macos on other hardware

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    Apple has control of what Apple systems can run iPhoto and what apple systems can run what features of iPhoto. Like photostream where my family adds upward of 10+ photos a day that auto roll into my iPhoto library then back up to an external through time machine and also iCloud. I have a very powerful Mac (i5 with SSD and 8GB ram) which runs iPhoto slowly compared to most other software. In my PC experience, which is most of my life. What I see is people buying PC's because they're cheaper, they're cheaper cuz they have cheaper hardware. The last HP laptop I bought ran nothing but Windows and was used for streaming media locally. It started to smoke after it was two years old and never worked again. If apple was to open up iPhoto to the PC world, it would put so many PC's around the world six feet under so fast it would make your head spin. Albeit some PC users may have powerful systems, but more don't. This isn't Apple's reason, but it's a good thing for PC users to consider. No PC hate here, just some reality of the plus side to the so called "Apple Jail". It's not about locking you out of features because Apple is like a controlling ex-wife/husbend. It's about not ending up like Microsoft and their friends Dell, HP, Compaq etc. who all are now known for making less reliable, non user friendly, vulnerable hardware and software. Good riddance to .dll files and and the weakness that is Microsoft. You can lock me in this jail for life.