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I have a Canoscan 3200 but I cant seem to be able to scan after upgrading to OS X 7.03. Can anyone help please as I need to scan something urgently and I cant afford to buy another scanner.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Canon has not released a scanner driver for the CS3200F for Lion.


    And checking the supported scanner list for VueScan, it shows this scanner is also not supported by this software.


    Depending on how often you need to scan, you could look at partitioning your hard drive and installing 10.5 or 10.6 on the second partition. That is assuming that you previously had one of these older versions of OS X installed on this Mac and still have the means to install. But if you bought a new Mac with 10.7.3 preinstalled, then you could see if the SANE project supports the CS3200F.

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    First of all thank you very much for your help Pahu. Would you mind telling me step by step how to find the partition of my hard drive. When i bought this macpro I have the 10.5 OS x version and they (Apple) provided me a dvd for Leopard to be installed and just recently i have upgraded to OS X10.7.03 which created the issue. Back to my query, would it be possible for you to guide me step by step on how to look for the partition please and what is the SANE project and where can i find it?

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    For a Mac Pro, probably the easiest option is to purchase an additional SATA hard drive and fit that to the Mac. You can then install Leopard from the DVD onto that new hard drive.


    If you have MacBook Pro rather than a Mac Pro, then you can use Disk Utility to create an additional partition on the current drive. But you will need to create a backup of your current Lion partition first so that you can create two partitions on the existing hard drive, becasue doing so erases any existing partition. Personally I would purchase an external USB hard drive and with that formatted to Mac OS X Journaled, you could then install Leopard on that external drive.


    If you already have a backup of your Lion partition then you can boot into the Recovery HD partition and open Disk Utility.

    Select the hard drive with Lion installed on it and then select the Partition tab.

    For the partition layout drop menu, select 2 Partitions

    By default, the system will divide the hard drive into two even sizes. If you want to increase the size of the Lion partition, you can manually enter the size of drag the divider between the two partitions to the size you want. I would set 50Gig for the 10.5 partition and the remainder for Lion.

    Click the Apply button and okay the selection

    Once the partitions have been created, you can exit Disk Utility and select to Restore from Time Machine backup. This will let you browse to your Lion backup and select it.

    Select the larger partition to install the backup to and then click OK to copy the data to this new partition. This will take several hours so let it run over night - as these things appear to take longer if you sit and watch them.

    When Lion has finished being copied to the new partition, you can then insert the Leopard disk and reboot to the DVD and select to install Leopard on the smaller partition.



    As for SANE, looking at the supported Canon scanners, your CS3200F is not listed so this software is not going to be a solution.

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    Sorry Pahu,i think i am a bit confused.  I have a macbook pro. i thought both macbook pro and macpro are the same. Anyway, i do have a external hard drive which i hv backed up the Leopard's stuffs. So how do i use this external hard drive to scan? Mind walking me throught please as i am totally new to these. Your help is very much appreciated.

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    With Leopard installed on the external drive, you can open System Preferences > Startup Disk and select the Leopard external drive. Then press Restart and confirm the selection. The Mac will reboot into Leopard and allow you to use the Canon software to scan the document/s. With them scanned and saved to a folder on your Leopard drive, you can then copy or move the documents to the Documents folder on your Lion hard drive. When you have the scanned documents on your Lion drive, you can then open System Preferences > Startup Disk again and select the Lion drive and restart.

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    Pahu, how do i go about to install the Leopard onto my external drive? Once i plug the external hard drive usb onto my macbook pro, the time machine will start backing. how then can i install the Leopard? Do i just slot in the Leopard's DVD and what will happen then. Oh gosh am so embarrassed please pardon me but have no choice none of my friend knows what to do...wish u are here to help.

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    If the external drive is being used for Lion backups already, then you don't want to use this for installing Leopard. I would recommend another drive that is not being used for Lion backups to be used for Leopard.


    With this other USB hard drive connected to your Mac, you can insert the Leopard DVD into and select to restart the Mac. After the chime completes, hold down the Option button until you see some hard drive icons appear. One will be the Lion hard drive, another will be the external USB drive and there will also be the Leopard DVD. Select the Leopard DVD and click to continue.


    At some point you will be asked where you want to install Leopard. At this point you can select the external USB hard drive and continue with the installation until completed. Once done, you can reboot and hold down the option again, but this time you can select the newly installed Leopard USB drive and then install the Canon software for your CS3200F.

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    Thanks Pahu, I will give it a try this evening once I got my Leopard back. Will let u know whether it can be sorted out or not.

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    I just realised my dvd is snow leopard, will it makes any differences? If i were to install this snow leopard can i use a usb 4gb is that enough to store the snow leopard? I wish canon could come up with an ungraded version for this scanner then i dont have to get so confuse.

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    I think it will be okay. One of the main issues is that Canon only provided a driver compiled for a PPC Mac. So having an Intel Mac running 10.6 you will have to install Rosetta, which is available if you select a custom installation of 10.6.


    As for install SL on a 4GB USB, I don't think this will be enough. I have installed it on an 8GB USB and it worked okay for testing but I don't remember ever installing 10.6 on 4GB. It will certainly fit, especially with a custom install and deselecting languages and additional printer drivers. But it may not work that well. Still, you only need it when you have to scan so it is worth trying if it is all you have...

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    You know i was telling you about my external hard drive time machines.. the last time i backed up i was still using os x 10.6.08. instead of doing all the above, could i use that to plug into my macbook pro and retrieve the scanner here. I tried doing that just now using utility disk, i can see my external hard drive with time machines back up there but unfotunately i do not know how to find the snow leopard there. any idea please?

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    You will not be able to use the scanning software installed on the Time Machine backup to scan while booted in Lion. And you cannot boot from this Time Machine backup - at least not that I am aware of. I will ask some more experienced ASC members for their thoughts on what can be done, but since you haven't been using this backup drive with Lion then you could format it using Disk Utility and then boot from the Snow Leopard DVD and install Snow Leopard on this external drive. Then you can boot into this drive, install the Canon software and then you will be able to scan.

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    Okay, I have been provided with some information that will help you.


    What you need to do is get another external USB hard drive and then you can restore the last TM snapshot from the current external drive to the new external drive. You will then be able to boot from that new drive and use the Canon software to scan from the CS3200F.


    Here is an excerpt from Mac 101: Time Machine


    Restoring your entire system from a backup

    If you are restoring a backup made by a Mac to the same Mac

    With your backup drive connected, start up your Mac from the Lion recovery partition (Command-R at startup) or Mac OS X v10.6 installation disc. Then use the "Restore From Time Machine Backup" utility.



    Thanks to R C-R for helping me with this one.

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    Thanks Pahu, it seems to be more complicated. I am now worried if i will to do all the above mentioned, i might got confused and done something wrong and jeopardise my mac and create more problem eg. machine hang, files cant be retrieved and so on. Morever how do i start up my mac from the lion recovery partition? just press command r when starting up the machine? I am now trying to get someone to help me to copy the Snow Leopard onto a usb and try from there. Unfortunately, that person are currently busy so i guess i have to wait. Meanwhile thanks so much for all your great work. Hopefully i can get it fix with the Snow Leopard then i dont have to use the time machine, which seems more complicated to a person which have no experience on the technician side. Am sorry for bothering you and am really greatful for the trouble you have gone through to help me. Thanks a million

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