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How do I change my ipod fromat from windows to mac? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPod nano
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    Plug it into your Mac and restore it.  The restore process should convert it to Mac OS X Extended Journaled.  Or you can leave it as is since Macs and can read and write to a Windows formatted iPod.



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    Two questions....

    When I restore my ipod will it delete all my songs on my ipod and on the computer?


    The whole reason I thought I needed to change my format is because I have not used my ipod for a long time and before when I sync-ed songs I used a pc and now I switched to a mac and it will no longer allow me to sync any of the new songs I bought.  Any help or suggestions you can give me?

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    A restore will only delete content from the iPod and reset all of it's settings back to factory ones.  It does NOT affect the content stored in your iTune library.


    It's likely that you cannot sync new songs due to the fact that you are trying to sync the iPod with a different iTunes library than what it was originally set up with.  An iPod can only be synced with one library at a time.  Restoring the iPod should allow you to start syncing the iPod with your new iTunes library on your Mac.



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    How can I restore my iPod if my iTunes does not recognize my iPod???  The iPod shows up on the desktop, but not in iTunes.

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    I have the sane issue. The iPod nano (6th generation) works great on windows (formatted in windows). But I would like to reformat in MAC, but the iPod shows up on the MAC desktop, but not in itunes.


    And yes, I tried troubbleshooting rebooting/pluggin etc... even on 2 mac (os X 10.6 and os X 10.9). Still same problem.

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    uninstall and reinstall itunes and the following components in this specific order :


                                              Apple Software Update

                                              Apple Mobile Device Support


                                              Apple Application Support



    once all of those are gone, go to iTunes.com and download iTunes