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alexhp Level 1 (0 points)

Just got Clear 4g home internet, for some reason safari won't work on my macbook pro. Firefox works, but not safari. Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    Try turning off the router for 5 minutes, turn it back on, try Safari.


    Turn off the Firewall in System Preferences > Security


    If you have anti virus software installed, disable that.

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 (5,760 points)

    Tell us what do you mean by just Safari won't work...

  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,709 points)

    Select  ▹ System Preferences ▹ Network ▹ Advanced ▹ Proxies. If any boxes are checked, uncheck them, apply your changes, and try again.  You must apply the changes before they take effect.

  • betweenkr Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem. I have Clear 4g home internet. I cannot get safari to work. Firefox does work.

    By "not working" I mean Safari does not respond when you enter an address. It continually states it is trying to contact the address but never does. It also seems to occasionally freeze and needs to be force quit. Thank you for any help. The suggestions already posted did not resolve the problem.

  • larryjwong Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem.(frustrating!) I would of thought that Apple would of been simple enough to just auto-sync after inputing the password to the Clear 4g internet. My Opera browser seems to be working without a problem. Just Safari which does what other people are saying (status/address bar shows: in progress but frozen at the 1/4 mark). Need to force quite Safari. I messed around with the preference in Safari, that doesn't seem to work. Anyone else wanna take a crack at it..?