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i just got myself the iPod nano 6th generation and i kind of like it. I like the fact that it has the fitness part on it. But i don´t like that my iPod turns itself off when i try to count my steps! i turn it on in the morning so that i could count my steps and run and do stuff. Now i have had that problem for like a week- i have to check my pedometer every little while to make sure it is still on, because as soon as it turns off, my steps are automatically stopped.

someone, please let me know what might be wrong with the iPod? i got it by switching it (had the defected 1st generation iPod before) in January and now i have these problems



iPod nano, Windows XP
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    you know how there are three buttons on top of the iPod- two for volume and one to make your iPod sleep or wake or turn off. if you would like to listen to music while running and so that you wouldn't touch the screen by accident, you have to push the button once. and when you want the screen to pop on again, all you have to do is press the button again. it should work so that if you turn the music on and step-counter on and then put it on "fade-mode", all your actions should stay working. and as soon as you press the button again, everything should appean on-screen.

    what i was trying to say before was that my iPod turn compleately off when i would like to run or listen to music and so i lose all the data