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I've downloaded a cd last night and when I drag and dropped it in my iTunes it went mad.

I have now hundreds and hundreds of playlists without anything in it, I've tried deleting it one by one but it is a mad job, I don't even know if they acutally delete...

So I thought maybe I just delete everything in my iTunes Match because obviously these playlist have been uploaded to the cloud since they have nothing in it it went very quickly...


I've read how to delete all my albums from iTunes Match, but nowhere how to delete acutally EVERYTHING that is in it, including playlists.


So I hope someone out there can help me out with this because I want this sorted out...

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I'm not sure that the CD you added has had anything to do with this. There is a known issue where playlists are dulpicated on iTunes match. It hasn't happened to me, but I believe that it's caused by creating playlists on an iOS device when it is not connected to the internet.


    Have you created any playlists on an iOS device since signing up for match? If so then I would recommend that you do a search on this forum for "duplicate playlists" or something like that. There is some useful advice within those threads.

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    I did create a new playlist saturday on my iPhone, I went on holiday so it didn't had a chance to sync with my Mac.


    Yesterday I came back from holiday and I have worked on it for a whole day, so shouldn't the playlist have come the minute my iTunes had a chance to sync with my iPhone? But they didn't...


    They came when I added the album, so that's why I think it's connected with that album.


    But if it is actually from the playlist I created on my iPhone, how do I solve this?

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    As I say, I haven't had the problem, so don't really know, but there are many threads on here about it. Do a search and I'm sure you will find some good advice.