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I have set up my mac at work to connect to the smb network, yet I cannot search the shared folders via the finder.


I have looked high and low for a solution, read various threads (such as ), yet there does not seem to be a way to search via the finder.


I will pre-empt the apologists here, thanks, I don't want to hear you point of view about how I don't need this fuction. I don't want to hear how os x uses and index and apple are wise to disable it in network drives (yet they are not wise enough to implement any other way to search said drives...). I want to put my point across that they better fix it soon.


I also want to hear other people who 've run into this problem and if they 've found any work arounds. There's a free app called easyfind but I am not that happy with it, and there's also some convoluted terminal work around that has to be repeated every time os x starts from what I 've been reading.


I will also be submitting feedback to apple. Ios looking fancy artifacts are all good and well (I dislike them, but I am not that much bothered) but what about some real functionality in core os services such as the finder?


Does any one at the os x team really think it's acceptable in 2012 that your mac connects to a network drive in an office and can't search it? I am using a folder in the network to store my work and I can't search that folder to quickly find something to show to a colleague? What do you expect me to do copy it over to my local drive, use a third party app to sync it to the network, and search my local drive instead?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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