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Ever since the February 16th release of the Mac beta Messages, I and everyone I know who uses iMessage (10+ people) are getting the error "Not Delivered" after each sent text or MMS. The texts are actually being received despite the error.


I've searched all the online communities, forums and message boards and the only posts I've found seem to have been individual user issues that are a few weeks/months old. (Yes, I've tried changing the DNS settings to but the problem still occurs on wifi and 3G).


Yes, I realize that as long as it does indeed work and thus shouldn’t be complaining, but I find it annoying and cannot understand why it is happening.


Is Apple aware of this? Are they working on a solution? Are the servers just overloaded because of the new Mac users? What's the deal?


Anybody know?



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, iMessage Not Delivered
  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    Except a good deal of the time, they're not delivered it turns out. Or only delivered to the person's phone and not their iPad or their mac...


    USUALLY - if I get it to say "Delivered", then it changes to "Not Delivered", then it probably went through...


    I know this is beta software, and I love the functionality, but the fact that it worked, now doesn't is frustrating...

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    I've solved the issue from iMessage app for Mac.


    1. Go to Preferences


    on your left in Accounts list you will see your iMessage account in following format:



    iMessage (inactive)


    You have to change it from Inactive to Active, I did it by doing the following:


    1. Click on your iMessage account in Accounts list

    2. Click on "Account Details" button on your right side.

    3. Selected my country from the list

    4. Click "Done"


    and "Inactive" status that was next to iMessage sign disappeared,

    after doing this i've tried messaging my friends from iMessage app, as well as iMessage from

    iPhone and it didn't show me "Not Delivered" message anymore.


    I hope this will help.


    Thank you.

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    double post

  • junitoprmodel Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks for trying, but the Mac Messages app is incidental and isn't the issue.


    The "Not Delivered" error is happening across the board, including to people who are using only an iDevice and no Mac. The problem arose upon the release of the Mac Messages beta app, and the sudden influx of users seems to have either overloaded the Apple servers or created some sort of glitch. That's the only reason I mentioned the Mac version.


    Thanks for sharing though, I'm sure your solution will help some who are experiencing what you were.

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    I had the issue on all devices to all other imessages users.  I uninstalled the Messages for Mac beta (from the Messages menu when the app is open).  After it finished uninstalling (and my computer restarted) the issue disappeared.

  • junitoprmodel Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Indeed. It was as simple as uninstalling Mac Messages and reinstalling it. It turned out all my friends were having the issue because they either had installed the app also, or I was the only one they were iMessaging with. Thanks so much Bullet618!

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    Experiencing the same thing. Just a bummer because now I won't be using the Messages Beta until they resolve this issue.

  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    I resolved mine by simply going to the Preferences, clicking on the Accounts tab, selecting my iMessage account, unchecking Enable this account. Then a short while later, I re-enabled it and it's been working ever since.

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    I had this problem on my iMessage account also. I have 3 MAC's at home my wife and I both have and iPhone and iPad as all the devices even if they are set up with differant accounts showed the "not delivered" error but the recieving side was getting the message ok. The fix for me was like stated above to either disable the MAC OSX iMessage account or uninstall completely. and instantly the errors stopped on all devices.

  • trempel Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue, but the device causing the error in my case was the iPhone.  (3 devices, Mac with Messages beta, iPhone and iPad)


    To resolve on the iPhone

    Settings > Messages


    Turn iMessage off and then back on.  The three started working fine again.

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    This fixed the problem for me!  BUT, only on my end, not for my wife. 


    I'll keep digging.

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    Do you need to turn it off on all devices with iMessage installed? e.g. iPhone and iPad.


    Thanks. This problem is driving me up the wall! :-D