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In my old settings I used a "welcome message" for anyone connecting to my wifi network. Now --- like two years later --- I am extremely tired of that annoying stupid message and I want to turn it off. But I can't find any possibility to turn it off or redefine the message in Airport utility 6.0


As I remember it. it belonged to the "advanced" section before. And now there is no "advanced" section anymore. Does this mean that some of my settings are HIDDEN FROM ME??? Am I out of control?



Does this mean that this is the starting point to look for something else - leaving apple?



Anyone out there, please guide me, and help me to come to the conclusion that I am actually still in control, and that I still like the Apple products (that I have been doing for the last five years or so).






And plese let there SOON be an advanced section. I could do with an "opt"-cklick or something else that's not "in your face".