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My macbook was stolen over the summer, but I still have my Ipod classic. My insurance company sent me a new computer, and now I want to import the photos from my ipod to the new computer. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1930?viewlocale=en_US This link from Apple Support told me to use the "Enable Disk" option, and that Iphoto would recognize my Ipod and pictures. However, when I try to import, the files can't be transferred. I can't find any help from Iphoto's support menu. What else can I do?

iPod classic
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    They assumed that you stored Full Resolution photos in your iPod. which mean you have follwed the steps below.



    Adding Full-Resolution Image Files to iPod classic

    When you add photos to iPod classic, iTunes optimizes the photos for viewing.

    Full-resolution image files aren’t transferred by default. Adding full-resolution image

    files is useful, for example if you want to move them from one computer to another,

    but isn’t necessary for viewing the images at full quality on iPod classic.

    To add full-resolution image files to iPod classic:

    1 In iTunes, select iPod classic in the device list and click the Photos tab.

    2 Select “Include full-resolution photos.”

    3 Click Apply.

    iTunes copies the full-resolution versions of the photos to the Photos folder on

    iPod classic



    Adding Photos from iPod classic to a Computer

    If you add full-resolution photos from your computer to iPod classic using the previous

    steps, they’re stored in a Photos folder on iPod classic. You can connect iPod classic to a

    computer and put these photos onto the computer. iPod classic must be enabled for

    disk use

    To add photos from iPod classic to a computer:

    1 Connect iPod classic to the computer.

    2 Drag image files from the Photos folder or DCIM folder on iPod classic to the desktop or

    to a photo editing application on the computer.

    Note:  You can also use a photo editing application, such as iPhoto, to add photos

    stored in the Photos folder

    It may take some time for iPhoto to launch and recognise the iPod.


    Then there is the alternative of using 3rd party software.



    Good Luck!