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Hi All, 


This is a bit od a long description, but I wanted it to be specifec and detailed as I've tried a couple of searches through the discussions and none of the other solutions suggested have worked so far. 


I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on a 2.2Ghz Core I7 MBP with 8GB of RAM. 


I recently set up my own website and installed Wordpress. As it is a photography website, it involves a lot of image uploads, however every time I try to use the uploader and select my files through the web form, the browser hangs and so does the Finder. This behavior is the same across Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


The only way to get things rolling is to do a hard reset (using the power button). A friend of mine has faced the same issue in his system both with Wordpress and Facebook... And the two of us a stumped.


Here are some of the possible solutions I've tried :


Disable Intego Firewall

Disable Little Snitch

Repairing disk permissions through disk utility

Use Onyx to clear user and system caches


My suspicions lie with java asI believe both those sites use Java based uplod applets (sure about facebook,not sure about wordpress) 


As a last resort, I've gone to the extent of installing windows on a Paralles Vm and using the browser there to perform the upload, but this has resulted in a crash once and the finder becoming unresponsive.


Any light you can share on the matter would be most appreciated.


If there are any logs I need to post here, please let me know how I'd get to them as I'm not too good with the Mac OS system utilities.





MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.4.6), 2GB Ram
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    When two operating systems have similar difficulty, it sounds like the Java is accessing the same point in memory, and you have a memory issue with your computer.  Run the hardware test that came with your computer, and if it is inconclusive, try replacing the RAM with to spec RAM under lifetime warranty*:



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    I ran extended hardware diagnostic last evening and it returned no hardware faults. Will try to find my old RAM that came witht the machine (4GB) and swap them out to see if the errors still prevail.


    Any other possibilities / suggestions?

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    Ok took this one step further and swapped out the 8GB upgrade back to the 4GB that originally came with my laptop.This didnt solve the problem so I dont think this is related to the hardware.


    Here's one more thing I noticed though. The crash doesnt happen if you upload files the moment you turn on the PC. But after about 15 minutes of usage if I try to upload the file... system down.


    It also baffles me that finder gets taken down along with the browser......


    Anyone with a similar issue  / solution ?

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    Did you ever find a solution?  I've got the same thing happening on my machine and it's starting to be a big problem.


    Thought it was Chrome at first, but it's started happening in Safari.


    Disabled VirusBarrier and several other programs as soon as I start up.


    Sometimes it'll upload images fine a few times, then all of a sudden spinning ball crash, with no real way to recover.


    Logs don't show much that appears related.

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    I've tried to boot in a safe mode and it works. Also in Mountain Lion it works. But still I can't explain why and I have not solved my problem. This is the worst crash I've seen  since Mac OS 9. My Macs, with OS X, never hanged up entirely so before!