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When I turn on Mail in iCloud settings on my iPhone or iPad, it asks me to set up a free @me.com address, but I already have one - why won't it let me use it?

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    Have you set up your me.com account in the Mail settings?  Or is the problem when you try defining that account, that's when you get the error?  Also, is this from a previous MobileMe account?  If so, be sure to delete the MobileMe email account, then set up the iCloud account.

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    Thanks for your reply. I have a previous MobileMe mail account (@me.com), which is still active, and already installed as a Mail account on my iPhone and iPad. The problem is when I go into the iCloud settings - everything except Mail and Notes is turned on, but if I try to turn Mail or Notes on, the message is "create a free @me.com email address to turn on iCloud mail." At this point, the only options are "create" or "cancel." Does this mean that I have to create a 2nd @me.com address? If I do this, what happens to the original one?

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    I've got the same problem.  Now, on Snow Leopard, the Mail app returns /me.com/moved for all of my .mac.com accounts, forcing me to launch Safari and log in to icloud so that the Mail app will be able to see my email.


    Totally annoying.  Happens all too often.

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    Did you go to me.com/upgrade to perform the upgrade process from MobileMe to iCloud.  On the first page, click the "Move from MobileMe to iCloud" link.   When you do, pay special attention to the "warning" or "important"  links on various pages.  If you don't do it right, you'll mess up the process.

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    Yes, I did.


    I had no messages or warnings.