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Has anyone had any success with running Sopcast on the Mac with Lion. I have had some success with a software called Wine, although you get a black screen with Sopcast but by changing the player to VLC it works well but is a bit quirky. Can anyone help please?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    You could use bootcamp to install windows, but then you would have to restart your mac to use sopcast, you can also do the same with VMWare Fusion but it will run inside you mac, wine is very temperamental so i wouldn't use it

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    Thank you for your post but Wine is my best bet so far but with version 1 it is fairly stable. I wish to avoid keep buying Windows and Sopcast is the only program I need which does not have a Mac version or I cannot get round. The bit rate of Sopcast is amazing.

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    I have a good solution for using Sopcast 3.5 on the Mac. I have found Wineskin works with Sopcast 3.5 but  there is no video. So load VLC  Mac version 2. You open it while Sopcast is open and go to File > Open Network and then paste in  http://localhost:8902/tv.asf. This works brilliantly. This is the link for Wineskin http://wineskin.doh123.com/. You will need to load IE 7 for it to work. IE 7 loads better through Winetricks. Use Wineskin window go to Advanced buttojn and then Tools tab. I am currently trying other browsers so I will let you know if any work. If you have any problems just post a reply and I will be glad to help.


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    Hello guys, There is optimized version of sopcast for mac that I uploaded to piratebay. Just go there and search sopcast for mac. And read the description and the comments for using. No crossover needed



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    Recommending to anyone to download something from a "not trustworthy" site is dangerous.


    Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 8.48.20 AM.png


    Personally I would not endanger my Mac or OS to the possibilities of downloading unwanted addons.

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    I think you are a bit over cautious as I can find no threat to Macs. It is not an add on but a stand alone program. I believe it is harmless.It is a bit unstable, with full screen going jerky, You need to use VLC or MPlayer go to File> open network and paste in  http://localhost:8902/tv.asf

    It appears to have come from Russia as it was on a Russian crack site. I am still amazed why Sopcast has ignored Mac and produced an Android version for mobile phones.

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    We shall disagree - nothing personal here, but I would no more click on a link from someone I don't know here if WOT shows the site to be untrustworthy than to open an email attachment from an unknown spammer who could be a hacker. I only link to sites I know to be trustworthy.

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    Okay we will have to agree to disagree on this one. I repect your points though. Have you found a solution?

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    No, I have not. I was simply trying to caution people not to click on links leading to untrustworthy sites.

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    This seems there is to be a Mac version of Sopcast from their site. It is at: http://www.sopcast.org/download/

    Although the link does not work at the moment. Maybe some poeple one can alert them too, I have emailed them.

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    From today, SopCast supports Mac OS X! for more info, refer to: http://tumutanzi.com/archives/8911