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My 4s gets stuck in a booting loop if I don't continually stay active on it! I've tried holding the sleep & home buttons to restart it, tried resetting it through iTunes & even had people at the store put it back to factory settings all of which hasn't help. It temporarally fixes it & then it starts the loop again! I'm about to toss it in the garbage disposal I'm so frustrated!!!!!  Sometimes it will stay in the loop for days before coming back on & then I have to constantly do something on it to keep it going, someone please help me! The Apple Store said they couldn't help me unless I gave them $250 ***!!! I just purchased it in November 2011 & have had trouble from day 1!!!!!   :(

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Sprint carrier
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    I have a very, very similar situation.  I took my Iphone 4s to the genius Bar at the Apple store.  People very nice, although I notice the apple guys have about a 10 minute limit per customer, yawks.  Back to the issue.  My 4s is immaculate, in top condition, even according to the Apple guy.  He did a restore right there in front of me.  It tookl more than 10 minutes. Since the battery was charged like 3 percent it was not easy to see it working.  I got home, charged it and for a day it was fine.  As told, I charged it fully and let the battery drain.  As soon as I started to charge it agian the next day it went back to the rebooting loop, endelessly. I notice in the disgnostic log (which apparently it only helps Apple engineers) very long lists of "panic.plist"   also "ResetCounter" and "stacks" error reports.  It seems to be a main board issue.  In fairness, Apple should offer more than a 'patch' or 'restore' to solve this issue.  It is March 2013 and many 4s users are experiencing this after the upgrade.  I hope for another option than replacing it for a couple of hundred dollars.  =0(