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I own a MacBook Air 11' 2011 model.

I sometimes use utorrent to download some legal files and it requires high frequency of reading and writing on the ssd.

Which one is better for Bittorrent sharing?Harddisks or SSDs?

Does utorrent harm my ssd?

If it does,can setting kb limit solve the issue on my MacBook Air?

Sorry for my bad english.

Any help will be appreciated.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    alan1986 wrote:



    I sometimes use utorrent to download some legal files


    I thought that site was filled with illegal files, like free music and games etc.  What legal files are you referring to?

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    Utorrent is the app, not a site!!  And there is plenty of legal stuff "out there" on torrents.


    As for harming the ssd, well, every time you write to an ssd you "harm" it a little by using it's memory cells.  TRIM and/or various kinds of garbage collection try to minimize the reuse of the cells.   All you can really do is try to minimize its use the best you can and enjoy your fast drive. There's just so much you can do so don't worry about it and treat it like you would a SSD.


    I never used utorrent or any bittorrent app but I have looked at some of them.   I have to assume utorrent has preferences to control what directories it uses.  So you could configure it to use an external drive.  It won't be very fast since all you have is usb and firewire (firewire800 is faster than usb, thuderbolt would be faster than both).  But you would of course be avoiding using directories on your ssd (at least the ones you can specify from the app).

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    Thank you so much!