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Last week I spilt wine on my 2009 Macbook6.1 and couldn't revive it so I brought it into the Mac Dealer in town and had it fixed. Gee! I just upgraded the external 250gb hard drive with a Hot Seagate Momentus 500gb hybrid SSD. well it wasn't too bad. Replaced some plate(forgive my lack off computer knowledge) of a sort and wiped everything down with alcohol including the new HD and all was good. Then the techy moved all of my personal stuff over to my LaCie external HD, wiped my internal HD clean and reinstalled Snow Leopard OS X. All done. When I got home with it and started it up I couldn't find the iLife app that it came with when bought new at Apple Store or iWork which I bought later at Apple Store and installed myself. I just bought and installed Lion OS X too. Right here and now I have my LaCie external connected to it and have no clue how/what to do to get iLife apps and iWork and other stuff back into Macbook. I need help. PS: how to check volume in Seagate hard drive?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)