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Couldn't find the answer to this question even on www.everymac.com :


What model of Fiber Channel card the Xserve late 2006 comes with ?


I have a few Xserve late 2006 models with the OEM configs ( only I maxed them with RAM and packed with 750GB drives ). I like to take out one of the Fibre Channel cards from these Xserves and place it in a MacPro 1,1. The idea is connecting an XRaid ( loaded with 14 x 750GB drives ) to that MacPro through Fibre with maximum speed possible. I have seen some PCI-e fibre cards on eBay for $30. @ ( 2Gb/s) and some for $400. @ ( 4Gb/s ). If what I will pull out of my old Xserve is only worth $30. , i would prefer to buy it.

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