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I do not have an iPhone, but I am real close to getting one.  I just have to decide if I should stay with my current carrier Verizon or move to ATT.


Is Siri in the Beta stage in the iPhones that are being sold now?


My question is the latest ads I see at  Is this a "new" iPhone 4S or is this the same iPhone 4S but with newer functions?  For example Siri and dual core A5 chip?


If I set up an appointment at the Apple Store to help me get hooked up with the iPhone 4S will it be the latest or do I need to specify which iPhone 4S and with what features I am looking for?



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    You can purchase factory unlocked if you are wanting to freely go to whatever carrier you want. The prices are a bit higher for them.


    Siri is still in beta.


    iPhone 4S has had the same features since its release in October 2011.

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    The iPhone 4s is the current model, introduced in October. It included Siri and the dual core A5, so I don't know what you are thinking is "new", other than that.


    Yes Siri is considered "beta". I imagine any improvements will be made via an iOS update.


    I must caution you that if you have not used a 4s or seen one close up, you are going to want one the moment you lay hands on it. The retina display itself is astonishing.


    Go to an Apple Store but your credit cards at home (even that won't help with instant financing though...)

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    I am not clear on getting a factory unlocked phone and "freely go to whatever carrier you want."  when you select the iPhone 4S online, are you not freely selecting what carrier you want?  Although I have expired contracts with Verizon, when I get the iPhone 4S I do not think I will stay with Verizon.  so what is the diference between me selecting the carrier when I get the phone or what you are saying?  I do not understand.


    I have been looking at the online ads for the iPhone 4S for about a year.  Over time, I have noticed that certain features are new.  Like Siri and the dual core a5 chip to name a few.  At one time some of the ads I saw even said they would teach you how to use the phone before you leave the store, but it appears the wording has slightly changed.  They talk about signing up for a free class now and I do not see the ads at that say you will leave the store knowing how to use the phone.  There are just some variations I have noticed.

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    If you want to use your new phone internationally, go for the unlock iPhone which you get only through the Apple Store.

    iPhone 4S comes in Black or White and either with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB capacity.

    It has dual core A5 chipset and 512 MB graphic rams.

    Siri is available in all the configurations.

    Yes, you can go to an Apple Store and have them configure the iPhone for you before you leave the shop. There are also free classes for beginners.


    On GSM (AT&T), you can talk and surf the Internet at the same time whereas on CDMA (Verizon) you can't.

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    so ATT you can use the phone as a mobile hotspot?  Verizon says you can configure the phone to use it for that too.  I was going to get the MIFI 4G since my MIFI 3G does not work anymore, but the agent told me the iPhone 4S can be set-up to be used as a mobile hot spot.


    since I have been wanting one for about a year, I have taken notice of the various ads they have out.  for example, the one here is new, and even has a few features that I did not notice in previous ads.


    I am not sure if this is just there way of advertising or the camera has indeed had some minor additions.


    so I would only get the unlocked phone if I was going to use it internationally?  I might, but I would just hope that the carrier cold set me up to use it internationally for the short time I was abroad.


    My big dilemma is the carrier and the plan.  I know that is a topic that the mod do not like, but I would think there would be a better carier, like ATT, since ATT has ben with the iPhone from the start.


    The older ad said they will teach you how to use the phone before you leave the store, whereas the ad now says you can sign-up and take free iPhone classes.  Not sure if that means anything or that they prefer not to tie up the employee teaching someone how to use the iPhone but they encourage them to take a class.


    When I read about all the problems people have with the iPhones in this forum, I think I will need a class.  There was a bunch of posts the other day that had to do with pushing or somthing like that and the threads were really long.

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    You may need to contact each carrier before purchasing so you know which carrier you want to use.


    I am not sure what commercials in referring to variation? All iPhone 4S commercials have had the same features just may be emphasizing on certain parts more than others for the sake of the commercial.


    Some Apple Retail Stores offer iPhone workshops. Just go to and look to see if your store offers it. If not you do have the manuals online at

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    Get a taste now, download the user manual and check out those things that are important to you and come back here with your questions.

    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

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    When I read about all the problems people have with the iPhones in this forum, I think I will need a class.  There was a bunch of posts the other day that had to do with pushing or somthing like that and the threads were really long.


    Bear in mind that people only post problems here. There are countless satisfied users out there.


    The iPhone 4s is unchanged since it's introduction. 


    You can either take a class in the Apple store or have a one to one session with an Apple 'Genius'.

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    The one to one classess are not given by the apple genius', they are given by the one to one instructors.  I have been taking one to one courses for my MBP I got almost 3 years ago for the past 2 years.


    I am getting the phone I just do not know what carrier to use.  I have never heard if you want to surf the internet whil talking go with ATT, Verizon does not ofer that, but Verizon is my carrier now and says they can configure the iPhone 4S to serve as a mobile hotspot but some people on here say Verizon can't let ypou do that if Verizon is your carrier.  Does anybody know what company has the best plans.  If I want to use the iPhone as a moble hot spot rather then getting a MIFI, do I add tethering to the plan or will that just fall under data service? As far as going through the small differencs I have noticed in the website ads, that would be pointless.  I gave an example of 2 features that are new 1 Siri and 2 the dual A5 core processor and in the folowing post the guy who said there have been no changes except the 2 I mentioned.  those are things that have changed through the time I have been watching the website ads.


    If you look at the latest one you see that the one that used to say 'we will make sure you leave with your phone set-up and you know how to use the phone."  Now it says that you can sign up for free classes to learn how to use the phone. Either they do not let you leave without making sure you know how to use the phone anymore or they prefer you take the free classes and took the part about getting the phone set-up, showing you how to use the phone, get your carrier and plan set-up all before you leave.

    that ad is gone.  I do focus on minute things which is why I have picked up on the small changes in the ads through the past 10 months.


    the latest, with the newest information, adding Siri and the A5 dual core chip.  this latest ad is here and has many things that are different from the previous ads which is maybe just to change the ad, which is a marketing technique.  This one even brought back personal assistant which they took out of their ads for awhile, but put that aspect of buying at the Apple Store back in this latest and most recent ad at the URL above.

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    what does the i OS 5 software mean?  is this what the iPhone 4S is using now and when they go to a higher software you plug it in the Mac and it upgrades itself?  Do you need a Mac computer to upgrade the iPhones bu using the cord and connect it to the MBP?


    Did the iPhone 4S start at iOS 1.0 software?  How did it get to iOS 5 and it is considered software that is being updated?  when the next iPhone comes out in the summer will the updates for the iPhone 4S stop and start up with the iPhone 5?

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    That still is not part of the phone features. That's an offer made by individual Apple Stores to have workshops or not.


    You still need to contact each carrier in regards to what they can offer to you and compare based on your needs.


    Verizon iPhone had personal hotspot before AT&T phones had the option; again, you should contact each carrier because it is something you have to purchase and each carrier has their own way of handling hotspots.


    As we've all stated above, Siri & A5 has always been within iPhone 4S. iPhone 3GS & 4 are still sold and perhaps was mistaken the 4 & 4S commercials.


    iOS is the operating system for the device, same as your MacBook having an operating system. All iPhones have them to make them function.  iOS 1 was with iPhone original. iOS 5 comes on all new iPhones: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. you can have a Mac computer at operating system 10.5.8 or greater or Windows with operating system XP Service Pack 3 or greater. This is so you can have iTunes 10.5.3 which recognizes the iPhone.


    Yes, after a period of time, they'll be a software update. You can update by connecting to iTunes or by going into your settings and updating via WiFi connection.

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    Every iPhone comes with an operating System a.k.a IOS. At the moment, all new iPhones 4S comes with IOS 5.0.1 and a new version 5.1 will be released soon. You can update using Mac, PC or directly with the iPhone. You will need WiFi connection. As far as I know, the IOS 5.0.1 is supported in iPhone 3GS (2009) and iPhone 4 (2010) so iPhone 4S will be able to update in the future. Of course, further down in the future, there won't be update because the hardware is not up to task.

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    It is obvious you people are not into minute changes.  You say the iPhone 4s is unchanged since its introduction.  So Siri and the A5 Dual processor have been in the iPhone 4S since its introduction.

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    Sire and the A5 dual processor are new to the iPhone 4S.  If I know that and you write a lot like you know a lot you certainly know that Siri and the core A5 dual processor are new to the iPhone.


    check out this ad which is NOT store specific and it has several newer features.  I have been watching the national ads on the apple website for the last 10 months to a year and there has been small changes from bringing back personal shopper to the most recent ad, to taking away "we will make sure you know how to use the iPhone 4S by the time you leave," which now they are pusing iPhone 4S owners to take the class at a later date, not at the time they come to get their phone.


    I could go on and on anbotu the little changes that have nothing to do with what apple Store as you state.


    As far as the mobile hot spot, all 3 carriers have this.  the configure might be different, but like Verizon has a seperate mobile hotspot called the MIFI which can be used to surf the internet using your MBP or connecting up to 5 devices to the mobile hotspot called the MIFI.


    if you want to add the ability to configure the mobile hotspot on your iPhone 4S you pay more and each carrier adds  about $20 extra to do this.

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