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I am not a server expert by any means.  I am trying to get Filemaker Server running on my server.


Yeterday I was given a group of static ips by AT&T.  They installed the ips on my 2wire router.  They assigned one of the ips to my couputer on the router.


I have connected my server to the router wirelessley successfuly.  Indeed, when I go to my system preferences, airport is turned on, and is showing connected with the static ip address it has been assigned.  


However, I have a wired ethernet as well attached to the server.


When I go into the Network Preferences in the System Preferenes, I see the ethernet is connected using DHCP and not the static IP.


With the settings set the way they are, my ethernet network can see my server.  Users on my ethernet network can launch their Filemaker apps and they are successfully hosted FMP files from the trial version of Filemaker Server Advanced installed on the server.  But, when I try to visit my static ip from a computer, outside of my network, over the internet, using a browser I get a 502 Bad Gateway Error.


I can not connect to the server through our ipads using Filemaker Go.  


Any thoughts?


Additionally, when I try to change my ethernet settings to manual, and I enter in my information, I LOSE ALL MY USER ACCOUNTS.  I think this is because the users are associated with the original ip an not the new static ip.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

iOS 5.0.1
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    I don't quite understand the discussion about wireless vs. wired connections on the server (note: I'd generally recommend running the server on a wired, not a wireless connection).


    In either case it sounds like your issue is one of access from outside the network, right?


    If that's the case, this just sounds like a typical port forwarding issue. Your address is a private class address - one that uses NAT to get to the wider internet. No one outside of your network will ever, ever be able to connect to this address.

    If you want external access to this server then you need to configure port forwarding on your router. Port forwarding tells the router to accept specific traffic on a public IP address and forward it to a server on your LAN. It just sounds to me that you haven't configured port forwarding. You'll need to check your router manual for specifics on how to do that.


    As for the accounts, there's no such thing as accounts associated with an specific IP address, just with the server. As long as users are pointing to the right server there shouldn't be any issue.