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I bought a Component (RGB video plus Red/White RCA Audio) cable for Christmas and then tried to use it in two different situations (projector and tv hook up) but the ipod wouldn't send the video out through the cable.  I have a couple of Composite (Yellow AV plus Red/White RCA Audio) cables that work just fine.


I have tried this will  iPhone 4s, iPod Touch and iPod Classic to no avail.  I can find no settings on the iphone/ipod touch regarding video out... and the classic - when set to tv out - doesn't recognize that it is connected to a video out cable.


All devices recognize that they are connected to the cable on a basic level as they draw power through the usb connection - and ipod touch and iphone show they are connected for sound through a dock connection?


I am thinking I should have just got an appletv!!


Am I missing something or is there likely something wrong with the cable?

iPod classic (120 GB)