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A few hours ago my MBP (15" from January 2011) had almost no battery, so I plugged in the charger - but nothing happened. No green or orange light - or indicator on finder. I went to System Information which confirmed that it had 0% battery left and it wasn't charging, even with the MagSafe correctly plugged in.


I checked the wall connector and it's functioning well on other devices. The battery eventually died and now my macbook won't turn on. The light on the adapter and on the side of the notebook flashes green inconsistently. It won't turn on since it has no battery. I've tried reseting the SMC but nothing happend.


Any tips on how to deal with this?


Thank you.

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    Per shldr2thewheel, follow TS1713, but focus especially on the pins. Are they stuck? Are they dirty? Is the Magsafe port on the computer dirty at all? Also, check for line noise by unplugging the adapter from the wall and the computer for at least 1 full minute, unplugging the duckhead or extension chord from the brick as well during that time.

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    shldr2thewheel and jgelements -

    I had checked that link before. The pins are not stuck, nor do they seem dirty. I used a cotton swab to clean any debris I had not seen anyways.


    I had also tried unplugging for 1 minute and plugging it again - I had not, however, tried plugging it again without the extention chord after the one minute. I did it now and the light won't even turn on, not with or without the extention chord.


    Can you guys shed any light on what might be happening here?

    Thanks for your help so far.

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    Update: the light started to blink unconsistently again.

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    Sounds like strain relief within the DC chord, either at the brick or at the magnet. In either case, you may simply need a new adapter. Did you follow TS1713 in its entirety? If so, call AppleCare for a replacement if it is under the AppleCare Protection Plan or the 1 year limited hardware warranty. If it is not covered by either one, then go to Apple Online Store and buy a new one, but remember to follow the instructions for properly disconnecting the Magsafe adapter from the computer, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1453, and instructions for proper use of the adapter, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1630, in order to prevent any strain relief issues in the future, if indeed that is what is happening.

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    Thank you jgelements.


    I'll try a new charger and see if it works. It sounds like it should. In which case I'll be relieved.


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    Hey all,

    I was having this same problem with a random green blink when I plugged my charger into my macbook pro.  I cleaned the input of my mac along with a slew of other things, but still no luck.  I fixed my issue by pushing the charger prongs in a few times and....VUALA!  It's working perfectly again now.  Hope this helps (I know the post was a while ago but it may save you 80 bucks on a new charger).  Good luck!

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    same here, pushing the pins in a few times then plugging back in fixed it