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I was wonering if anyone has found a reliable source for temperatures for memory banks.

I know this varies a bit depending on the configuration and size of RAM, but what is the temp

that yo should set alerts or be concerned.


I have two risers. Riser A is filled with 4GB x 4 DIMM2.

Riser B has 1GB x 2


I am ttaching a screenshot of Temperature Monitor.


thanks ==




Screen shot 2012-02-26 at 9.19.33 AM.jpg

MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    only if you want to check temps - temp monitor does the same thing

    i'm in need of temp settings and ranges to set alerts.

    i also never use widgets, something i never did understand about OSX

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    Sorry for the mis understanding, i am not sure that you can get an app that will do this. Some one with more experience maybe able to help you though.

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    ok, perhaps i should restate my need.

    I don't need an app - I simply need some information about temp ranges and warning zones.

    temperature pro will allow me to set alerts - i just dont know what to set them at.


    if anyone is picking up the thread - i also wonder about the config on the RAM. I have one Riser stocked with 4GB x 4 and the other with 1GB x 2


    Does it really make any difference ?

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    if anyone is picking up the thread - i also wonder about the config on the RAM. I have one Riser stocked with 4GB x 4 and the other with 1GB x 2


    I don't think it matters so long as you aren't getting boot dialogs about improper ram configurations from the memory slot utility.  But to more precisely check the answer to that question you need to specify which mac pro you are using (year, version, e.g., 5,1).


    FWIW, I use iStat Menus and the temps for my 3 dimm slots on my 6-core Mac pro are between 106F and 113F.


    I think you have to determine a suitable threshold appropriate to your specific configuration. People can give you numbers of their machines to maybe give you a starting point.  But you would need to "tune" the numbers for you environment, what processes you perform regularly, etc.

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    You have FBDIMMs. They run hot and use more matts.


    The reason for a utilty is to know.


    Apple specs for the machine

    General specs for FBDIMMs


    The 2008 Mac Pro 800MHz 1600MHz fsb is best served with all 8 DIMM slots filled

    2006-7 is best to have set of 4 or set of 8


    A1:2 and B1:2 would be where the 4 x 4GB are best served.


    FBDIMMs should be kept below 74*C even though the specs say higher.

    If you can keep them in the 68*C range fine. One way, to run SmcFanControl to boost the fans slights.


    smcFanControl 2.1.2


    MBS_ Hardware Monitor


    FB-DIMM Thermal


    Symmetrical Memory Performance


    Fully-Buffered DIMM


    You can also check Crucial/Micron for Mac Pro memory and any links to the knowledge base as well as others.

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    thanks hatter.

    thats exactly what i needed.

    will check out the fan control as well.


    you rock.