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I am doing picture books. Is there any advantage on providing accessibility features, says on the Gallery widget?


How do I test? Would like to see a difference since it is going to be a lot of work for us (we have a lot of pictures) and would like to justify for doing this. Thanks!

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    You answered your own question. Create and test. Only you now if it is beneficial to your readers.  - Fabe

  • limtc Level 1 Level 1 (65 points)

    Mmm... no. I don't know what it did so how do I test? I don't even know how it benefits my readers (except that it does).

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    Well as Fabe points out you need to test - as someone working on medical education and conflict-zone education I set up the iPad and allow a target "person" to use it for a bit. I ask them to talk out loud as they use it (standard instructional design tool) and then based on their feedback choose the best time-money platform. If you want a quick answer you should not be developing for this target group. Time allows you to refine and that is the difference between success and failure - I have over 20 yrs international experience doing this and KT and Fabe understand this principle as well. Wish you the best on the project.

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    I think what he is asking is, "what does it actually do?"

    because it is not apparent when you test it.

    I have accessibility turned on in settings and don't notice any difference when testing.


    I thought it may speak the word put in "accessibility description" box when tapped etc.

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    yea - I see your point now ... duh I feel silly. I have been asking around in the States with fellow IT professors if they are aware of new "accessability tools" coming out which will work with iBooks or eBooks in generatl on the iPad/iPhone. I hope to post a list soon along with their functions.