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in iTunes U raw reports the storefronts do not match real geo location.


I've made some tests choosing different country stores in iTunes client instead of the real one where I'm geographically located.

Then I preview and download some episodes taking note of my IP (WAN), date and time, actions, client used, episode titles ; then looking in the raw  report for that IP address( I suppose the last two fields are X.X for a privacy reason) , time, actions, client used and episode titles, as expected I've found the storefront I've selected instead of my real geo location.


This is a correct behavior of the new reporting system, but the problem is that I found in my reports unexpected activities for some countries probably because users choose a different or incorrect iTunes contry store and that could make the reports unreliable if looking for the countries that follow our iTunes U site.

It would be nice to have the real geographical  location; we are an international scientific and no profit organization, and our mission is to transfer knowledge, and for that reason we would understand which countries follow us.