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tbell Level 1 Level 1
Do the new Macbooks support A2DP technology?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • mcowger Level 2 Level 2
    Yup. Works fine with my bluetooth headphones.
  • tbell Level 1 Level 1
    Do you happen to specifically know if the A2DP is supported. As I understand it, this is the only way to transfer stereo via bluetooth. Thanks
  • mcowger Level 2 Level 2
    Yes, hence my use of A2DP headphones.
  • tbell Level 1 Level 1
    Not to beat it to death, but I believe any bluetooth headphones will work great - they just transfer the channel in mono. I am asking specifically about A2DP, which transfers stereo.

    The use of "hence.." implies that 'for this reason' is why you answered in the way you did.

    In reality only confirming the use of bluetooth headphones does not also imply the use of A2DP. In any event I shall not ask Mac fanboys such questions henceforth.

    //no offense to Mac fanboys
  • jim farley Level 3 Level 3
    mcowger answered your question pretty clearly - he's using A2DP headphones with his MacBook. If you aren't going to trust anyone's answer, go look in the MacBook specs yourself, or take your A2DP headphones to an Apple Store and try them out.
  • BenL Level 1 Level 1
    Despite the other reports here of A2DP headphones working, as of OS 10.4.5 A2DP is not supported and does not work with the MacBook Pro. The headphones may work using the hands-free or headset profiles, but you won't be getting stereo sound. There's some posts about this in the Apple Discussions Bluetooth section, too. Hopefully Apple will see the demand and some near-future update will add that feature.
  • GlobalReset Level 1 Level 1
    I can confirm that A2DP does not work in the MacBook Pro. If you're using a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones, they must be compatible with the standard "headset" profile so you are only getting sound in mono. My Bluetooth headphones don't offer the headset service, only A2DP... So, I can pair them with the MacBook Pro, but I can't connect and use them.
  • gamlidek Level 1 Level 1
    Although the answer was "clear", it wasn't accurate.

    A2DP/AVRCP is not supported yet. Bluetooth "headsets" are supported, but the A2DP bluetooth service is not available yet as of 10.4.6. You still need to use the d-link dongle to get A2DP working. Kind of blows, but Apple will come around eventually.