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I have been reading about evil Google bypassing Safari cookie settings, but it isn't just Google that seems to be finding a way in.


I have set prefs only to accept from places I visit not from 3rd parties or advertisers, yet I just went to a site and came away with cookies from google, google analytics and NINE apparent advertisers on the site's page.


Now, every time I use the browser, I finish the session and delete a lot of cookies. I do not have the option of choosing to block all cookies as many sites I visit regularly require a cookie for the site to function such as banks, financial sites, StatCounter, web mail, and others - even Apple wants cookies. I have even tested by turning on block all along with private browsing and still will often get google crap cookies.


The situation doesn't seem to be as prevalent on the iPad, though I now have 12 cookies from which just recently seemed to be appearing and multiplying.


i don't even use google, but use Yahoo for searches, yet I am removing google cookies multiple times in a day and getting really sick of those information theives planting their cookies on me!!!!! I just checked while posting this item and found I got a Google cookie after arriving on this forum and it had been cleared out immediately before I logged into the  Apple forum.

We need a way to flag cookies as junk (like in Mail) to block specific cookies from invading our privacy such as "We do no evil" Google.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 2.8 GHz Quad core, 6 GB ram
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