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Help needed with Preview "Mac application"


ATTN: (Apple)


I love the way MAC & preview work, but would love for them to make one improvement. How would I go about doing this & who would I contact?


I use Preview to do document and specific word surches on my entire hard drive. I also add bookmarks to preview to assist in finding specific words at later dates. This is a great feature.


What I would like to improve are two items:


1: Like mobile me / iCloud, I wish I could SYNC the bookmarks so that I could use them on another apple devise. I use Ipads, Macbooks, Imacs & I phones & have the same documents on all devices. There is currently no way for me to copy all bookmak bar hyperlinks from one devise to another...or is there?


2: When I have a bookmark and I change the core document, the bookmark no longer works. (Understandable)

I wish there could be a "Refresg" button that will take me to the origional page where the old word was & then I could fine tune the actual location from there. Now I have to look up everything & then add new bookmarks. (PS: I change the origional bookmark page numbers to "Words that mean things to me" This is why I cant just go back to the origional page. I cant even copy and paste in my origional bookmark discription because I name the headers in my own unique way.


Is there anyone who could please help me?


Richard Clausen

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