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I got my Iphone4s 16gb in black early November.  Since then I have had this problem on and off but I have managed to fix it by restoring the phone but it is now happening weekly!



My mail will not sync - not alert me that i have emails but when I go into account and 'sync manually' emails come though.

Can anyone help?


Like I mentioned before I have synced Iphone with Itunes, restored, checked I'm using latest software and all ok but doesn't seem to make a difference now.


I am 90miles from my nearest Apple Genuis Bar so I can't just pop in!  And if I do go I will likely have to take a days holiday to go - if that did happen would I get my phone fixed there and then?  I thought apples were supposed to be clever?!


Look forward to replies


iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1