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Last night I succesfully connected my iPhone to iTunes, updated to current software and bought a few new songs...all ok. In the iPhone summary it showed my details and serial number of the iPhone.


Just as it was finishing the updates it said that my iPhone could not be found and needed to be restored as it was in recovery mode, when I clicked on the relevant box it said the iPhone could not be located and there was an error 1611. All the details in my summary now showed n/a.


My iphone screen is stuck on the 'connect to iTunes' symbol and no amount of holding down the button/home screen will re-set. Cannot turn the phone on or off, have tried recharging with a different plug in...nothing.


I have done all checks on my pc, re-installed iTunes, DFU...absolutely everything that the internet tells you to do!


I called Apple and they said it was a hardware issue and would cost between £120 - £200 to repair.


If anyone has any ideas...please help!


Thank you


iPhone 3GS