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I've got to set up 200 brand new iPads for a corporate gig.


Each is going to have it's own wifi set up when it gets to it's user in the company and that person will take care of that.


When I turn on the iPad out of the box and start the set up process I can't get past wifi set up page.


I don't know the wifi info for each of these 200 users, plus I don't want to even use a temp set up as this will add time to my job.


I don't see any button or prompt allowing me to skip this step and continue the set up. How can I skip the wifi set up step???




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    I assume you will set all to the same Corporate Apple ID.  If not, each user will probably need to do their own setup.


    One way for you to do it would be to enter your local Wifi info on the first one.  After setup is complete, go to Settings-WiFi-Choose a Network and press the blue arrow at the right side of your WiFi's name.  Press "Forget this Network" at the top of the next window.


    Then sync that first iPad with iTunes on your computer.  After that, you may be able to clone all the others by connecting to iTunes and following directions.



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    Thanks for the suggestion but that's adding even more steps.


    Is there really no way to skip the WiFi set up when turning these things on out of the box?!?


    So if a person doesn't have WiFi, or another computer running iTunes, they would never be able to get through the steps of the initial set-up, really?!?


    I find this hard to believe...

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    Download and use the iPhone Configuration utility to crate a wifi profile that you can apply to all devices.

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    I just want to SKIP this step and find it mind boggling that it doesn't seem to be able to be done - wow!!!


    Why can't I open an iPad, turn it on and go through the set up screens without being forced to connect to WiFi?!?

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    I don't know how to skip the WiFi setup step either but did you try posting in the "Using iPad in the Enterprise" and see if you can find a solution in there.


    These people find themselves in the similar situation of having to set up hundreds of iPads for their companies - maybe one of them will have  solution for you.


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    I have this problem with initial wifi setup for iphone 4s too

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    You need to be looking at enterprise deployment and mobile device management (MDM) profiles.


    sorry, meant to reply to Ryobi_Bunni


    you you cannot bypass this if activating a single individual iPad. There are enterprise deployment tools that can, but it cannot be by

    assed if simply activating a single decide in hand.

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    I think you can skip this part of the install process.

    I have been able to skip this step.

    I thought the iOS activation process gives you a prompt if you do not want to setup WiFi, initially.

    I thought there was a "setup later" prompt so you can setup up your WiFi network at a later time.

    I know you can skip setting up iCloud.

    I think iOS gives you a prompt to skip if you input the wrong password more than once.

    I believe I was able to skip that activation step by doing that

  • Michael Black Level 7 (20,397 points)

    See Get started with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support


    you cannot skip step 3 - that is actually part of activation lock as only after the device connects to a network can activation continue as long as that device's hardware id is not detected as being activation locked.  But with activation lock, no iDevice can be activated without a network connection.


    even with enterprise deployment, while you can broadacst a single profile to all devices, every single device will have to connect to a network and check in with, and pass, Apple's activation lock system before that profile would be able to be used.