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I plugged a usb cord (prom an Epson printer) into my 2008 Mac Pro, next thing I know everything is frozen. Turn off the Mac Pro now I can't get it to turn back on.  I've unplugged it from electricity and retried, I've taken off the two exterior hard drives that were connected via firewire and the usb printer, nothing seems to be bringing this computer back to life.  Any ideas or suggestions?  The computer was working completely fine a half an hour ago.


thanks  jeff

mac pro 2.8 2008, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Do you even get a boot chime?


    Is there a pattern to the power button light or no light at all?


    Are any diagnostic leds lit inside the machine?


    Can you boot from your installer dvd and run the Apple Hardware Test (2nd dvd)?

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    You said you disconnected power. Did you

    disconnext power,

    wait 15 seconds,

    press the power-on button,

    wait 15 seconds,

    jam the power cord back in really hard to make sure it is seated,

    then try to start up.


    That would do an SMC reset and make sure the cord is not loose as well.

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    I have gotten it to turn on (reseated memory- although I don't think that was it) and again today I shut it down for lunch came back and couldn't get it turned on again. Tried Grant's steps, nothing after cursing very loud at Apple and lost all hope after trying everything I could think of I finally got it to turn on (boot chime, etc.)


    Why is this doing this,  it's a well cared for 2008 Mac pro?


    Any ideas?  thanks,  jeff



    edit:  the reason I turned it off for lunch is because I had been working on a lot of big files and I just wanted it to refresh (not that I turn the computer on and off willy nilly)

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    Aside from the boot chime did you answer any of the questions I asked in my above post?


    And I'll  add one more to my list.  Have you blown all the dust out of your machine to minimise any overheating that might cause?

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    I have blown out the dust before, and have again.  No interior led lights on (I had the power light on and everything was fine) however when the computer went to sleep this afternoon I couldn't awaken it - finally pushed the power button to turn it off and now I can not turn this computer on.  This is so frustrating!!!


    Any ideas?

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    Ok  got it back on after waiting 45 minutes (reading every post on the internet I could find on the subject) I had reseated each module of ram (testing one pair at a time), each hard drive.


    As for the Apple Hardware test I can't find it.  I purchased the family license (5 machines) of Snow Leopard (from Apple) and only received one DVD - I have a special CD case for these DVDs and I know I didn't lose the other.  I've tried to restart it both with the instal DVD and without the DVD holding the D key and neither way brings up the Apple Hardware test or any language page.


    I've rebooted holding the C key and run the repair permissions on the boot drive from the install CD. I've zapped the Pram  the front light is on now full not blinking nor has it ever blinked during this ordeal.


    Any suggestions on my next course of action as I know the problem has not been fixed and will come back when I need to work?


    Thanks,  jeff

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    Repair permissions is only useful for an obscure probelm where Applications will not launch. You need "Repair Disk"!


    Apple Hardware test is not on any "Full Retail" family pack, it is only on the Original-issue DVDs that came in the box with the Mac when new. One of the DVDs will say, "to run Apple Hardware test, restart from this disc while holding the D key" on its face, and that is the only way to get it to run.

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    Hi Grant, thanks for the reply, yes I read about the AHT being only on the Leopard Instal CD right after my post. 


    So I've tried the AHT three times now and it always seems to get locked up during the intial probe - I've waited for fifteen minutes or so and the curser in locked up so I had to turn it off and try again, from what I've read that inital probe should only take 45 seconds or so.  An ideas or suggestions?  I bought the Ram from OWC and have had it since buying the machine in 2008 with no problems.


    Any help would be appreciated.  thanks jeff

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    If the program that detects Hardware problems can't even get itself loaded, you have a hardware problem. Apple Hardware Test uses a very simple loader and initializer.


    If you cannot even get a chime, the conventional way to deal with that is to remove everything that could be dragging down power and work to get the chime. That's all the drives, all the PCIe cards including the graphics card, and some say all the memory but the asolute minimum.


    Once you have a reliable chime, add in the graphics card so you can see where you are going.


    Once that is working, boot from an appropriate Installer DVD. if that works, re-install your Hard Drive.


    An appointment at the genius Bar for an evaluation is free, in warranty or out. There is no obligation to have them do any repairs.

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    Update, before I lug this tower down to the Genius Bar let me ask about overheating and if there is a manual way to set the fan speed?


    The next morning when the computer was very cool I was able to run the Apple hardware Test (extended version) 3plus hours and everything checks out fine.  Computer powers up without a hitch, etc.. and has done so. I have been using After Effects with some fairly large files, I have four interior drives and all of them are 7200s so now I am wondering if this is an overheating problem? How do I go about troubleshooting an overheating problem and or test for that?


    I truly appreciate all the help I've gotten on this issue.  Thanks,  Jeff

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    I have always recommended running SmcFanControl and having profile settings for low and high fan rpm for when you know you will need to.


    And to keep your eye on temps with iStat or Hardware monitor


    iStatPro someone said has its own fan control feature now also.


    hard drives are not a problem. My WD Black though are designed to run @ 40*C while my WD 10K VRs run cold and never get that hot.


    2008s use hot running FBDIMMs, that is an issue and those need to be kept under 70*C


    If you are heavy CS5, and if you can then boot in 64-bit mode and load up on RAM for best results. On newer models 24-48GB are easier, cheaper too, to achieve best performance.

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    Hi there,

    This is my first time and sorry for butting into this thread, but could not find where to start my own. Anyhow sorry and hope someone can help..

    My imac 27 has frozen. It turns on and the cursor moves over the icons, but will not open anything. I have turned onn and off several times, and tried the test pressing D, but it wont allow me to do anything, when it turns on it is just frozen on the desktop. I am a real newbie with the imac, so any advice please give in "simple" instructions..many thanks

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    Apple - Support - Intel-based iMac


    iMac (Intel)


    At the top of a community discussion there is Submit Question (actually that should say "give your question a title" - some write a whole paragraph where the title goes.


    https://discussions.apple.com/community/desktop_computers/imac_intel?view=overvi ew