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For years I have produced history lessons and provided them as free PDFs on my website. I'd like to offer short history lessons (with primary historic documents and images) via iBooks in iTunes U. I expect them to run only 10-12 pages.


Is there any minimum length for iBook content?

Has anyone seen any shorter iBook content made with iBook Author offered?

I can't seem to find any examples in iTunes U or in iBooks.

  • cosmos1138 Level 1 (15 points)

    Hank Feng's "Earth and Moon" and the new Biosphere book are very short but will serve you well as examples. I am working on 2 page teaching models for the UN's Girl Education in Conflict-Zone program so its not about quantitiy but "quality" as we instructional design professor always tell our students.

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    There is no minimum page count for iBooks. The work just needs some content.

    It's unlikely "short" works are now available, iBooks Author has only been around a few weeks.

    - Fabe

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    Thanks for taking the time to point me to these works. Two good examples of the short format.