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what would you say is the highest quality and most durable cover or case for the iPhone 4S?  I have a tendancy to get things dirty and a good covering that will not hinder the use of the iPhone but will protect it I am interested in.  Also, I need something like the Mophie Juce pack rechargable back-up for the iPhone 4S.  any comments on this device, especially if one is using the otterbox?

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    According to you have a tendancy to get things dirty and a good covering that will not hinder the use of the iPhone but will protect it then I will suggest you you can go for the Trexta Rotating Folio for iPhone 4. It is easy to open and use and for more details on prices and features please use this link :- /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/177/17703526-1.gif

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    I appreciate your suggestion.  My big thing is something that really works but does not block ports, lens, etc.  This is why I mentioned the Otterbox.  Also I neeed the Mophie Juice pack rechargable pack.  It would be great if I could plug the iPhone in to use this device which recharged the battery super fast but it needs the iPhone port, the one you use to connect one end to the USB port on a Mac to get to iTunes.


    do you know if this allows to get to the ports without having to take the covering off?

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    I recommend sticking your phone in a holster or using a thin profile case, preferably using both. You would be quite surprised how dirty the iPhone can get in large cases like the Defender. It would require more cleaning than using the iPhone without a case.

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    are you being sarcastic or serious?  what is a holster?  You mean like what I would put a gun in?  what is the Defender?  The case for my iPhone is not so much to keep it clean but from scratching, hitting it against the wall, having some protection between the iPhone and whatever I hit it against.


    If you are serious about helping me with a good covering, what do you think about the otterbox?

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    This is along the lines of what I recommend:


    The Defender is the Otterbox Defender case. I don't like it because it is rather bulky.


    Think of a holster as a pouch you carry along your belt.

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    so etxreme-



    I am looking for something that will help me destroy the phone because I am a big person and I drop things, hit things against the walls, I am just plain hard on things like the size of the iPhone.  I do not mind ot getting dirty but I would like to avoid having to go back and trying to get a new phone because I hit it against the wall and it cracked the display or I droped it and it went down 30 flights of stairs.


    there has got to be a decent case that I can easily hook the Mophie Juice pack air or jus the basic one or the extended rechargable battery pack.


    Let me look at what you recommend.  I put these clear skin type things ovr my itouch and a few other iPods put they do not help for more "sever" hits against the wall or something like that.


    Very interesting what you suggested.  have you used this?  Can you easily answer the phone when it rings or send a text or surf the internet?  Can you sir the internet on the iPhone 4S?  LoL


    does it have anything that protects the display? do you recommend putting somethng over the display of the iPhone like a antiglare film?

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    I've used holsters before and it's very easy to access the phone. That particular one has a kickstand.


    You may just want to go ahead and get the Otterbox Defender if you're not going to be careful...but I suggest you be more careful!

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    I have never had an iPhone.  I came close so I was looking also for all the accessories I might need, but that all fell through.  do you like this holster for your iPhone?  is it pretty easy to get to the iPhone when a call come through?  I am interested in it so I find it interesting why you are now tellig me to go ahead with the Defender/


    what do you mean by a kickstand?  it sounds crazy but I still do not know if I should stay with Verizon since I have been with them and I am supposed to have some rebate since I have be out of contract for over a year so they sent me a $50 rebate of my MIFI2200 line and a $35 rebate on my Flip Moto phone.


    But really at this point I am more interested on the best company that works with the iPhone, the best customer service, because i have been treated like crap from Verizon.  I woud like to go into the Apple Store, hope they have the iPhone 4S I wnt , get some basic lessons, get all the accessories like the oje you are suggesting somewhere else to see if I can get a better price, but I have never even seen this holster iPhone holder.


    where did you get yours?

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    I currently do not own a holster case for my iPhone. I have one for my old Droid 1, and it was very easy to get to the phone and hear phone calls, provided your ringer is set at maximum volume (I work in a noisy environment).


    I bought my iPhone 4 at a Verizon store. I wish I bought it at the Apple Store since I would have been informed of the 30 day return policy. Then I could have swapped for a 4S. But it's good or bad depending on how you look at it.


    If VZW people are giving you trouble, just don't shop at those stores anymore. I don't plan on it. From my experience, salesmen are very biased towards Android OS (for good reason). You just have to know what you want before you go in. That way they can't talk you into a worse phone. My friend told me that someone tried to sell him into an Incredible 2...a phone outdated when it hit the shelf. A firm, but reasonable tone will get you what you want.


    Right now, I actually recommend you get your iPhone at Verizon. Make sure you ask about Double Data (4GB of data) for your iPhone. It's the best deal out there, for $30/month for the duration of your contract. To my knowlegde, Apple won't set you up with that.

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    I was thinking about otterbox, but the defender is too bulky and i don't like the screen being covered ver, and with the Commuter, looks a little flimsy on the sides.  But after a little searching, found the lifeproof case.  Excellent.  It tis everything proof, and whilst the screen is covered, you can't tell, it is all flat.  Minimal bulk, and only a little pricer than the otterbox.  Sweet!  That is the one i am getting! Good luck!

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    extreme-so you thik I should stay with Verizon?  I was going to go to the Apple Store and get the new iPhone but the new  iPad cpmes out today so the apple Store will be swamped.  I wish I could talk to you so I could get some of my Verizon questions answered.  It seems like you know a lot more than I do and I am not going very far just thinking about what to do.  Anyway, maybe one day I will have the MIFI4G and the iPhone 4S

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    that lifeproof case is awesome.  Did you just come across that?  It is at Best Buy for $79 FYI and for the same amount.  where did you get your iPhone 4S?  any ideas on where I should go?  I have the rebates if I go to Verizon but I realy want to get away from Verizonbut I will not get the New Every Two if I leave Verizon.

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    xtreme, that is the not my problem because I know what I want.  the iPhone 4S  but I am not sure what carrier I should use.  I really do not like Verizon.  they are so mean, have ben charging me for the MIFI22003g for the past year but 12 tech support resp have been unable to get it fixed.  they will not stop the charging, they keep chargine me month after month so I want to try to Samsong or the MIFI2510 4G 9I think the number is) and see if that works any better.  Have you heard if the Verizon Novatel is the company I think who makes the MIFI 4G


    anyway, take care and send me any info if you have any suggestions on what the best carrier is.

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    If you don't like Verizon,'s not like you can't order a phone online. You don't have to deal with reps in-store. I just recommend them because of the 4GB data plan going on. AT&T is the fastest, however, and their iPhone 4S can utilize HSPA+ networks, which means up to 3x faster downloads than Sprint or Verizon iPhones. AT&T right now would be my carrier or choice due to the network band and 3GB of data vs Verizon's normal 2GB.


    The new iPad does not launch today. It launches March 16th, which is when Apple stores will be swamped.

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