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    I only came across that not too long ago.  But i have also only started looking for cases too.  Unfortunately for me, I am in Australia, and thus, the cheapest place for me to buy that is via ebay.  I ended up bidding up to AUD90.  Which was still about AUD20 cheaper than getting it from lifeproof themselves, as the delivery would have cost me almost $30 extra!


    As for the phone iself, i am planning to get mine from Kogan.  It is an Australian online business that sells their products for Australians through a wholesaler in HK.  With the exchange rates, and selling it directly to the consumer from HK, the customer dodges having to pay taxes as well, thus saving even more.


    In Australia, the only place to buy outright is through Apple, at a cost of AUD799 for the 16G.  At Kogan, so far including delivery, only 688.  More than 100 saved.  Only thing is the Australian adapter that comes with it, but i will just use my ipad charger instead. 


    As i am not a big phone user, my use will be minimal, so i will be using Amaysim for my prepaid provider.  They have a "Pay as you go" rate, as well as an unlimited prepaid plan for Aud 39, i will be going for the previous.  As you are in the US, i am afraid i cannot be of much help with your phone and carrier.  But goodluck in finding a good one.  You might also find this forum helpful.  Whilst it is predominantly Austarlian, there are also some Americans On there too.  Http:// and then go to thread search and enter your enquiry.


    Good luck!

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    Boost mobile seems to have a pretty good rap if you are interested.

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    you said verizon has the 4GB data plan going on.  do you think that is over?


    I also need one of the Mpbile Hotspots (4G) for example, Novatel 3G/4G MIFI, the Samsung Mobile Hotspot, etc.  I know they get bad reviews because of the battery life for the most part, but I am starting to teach graduate courses in a few weeks and the place where I live has intermittent broadband.   One day it is working and the next day it is not.  I know the little Mobile Hotspots like Verizon's 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MIFI 4510 or Samsungs 4G Mobile Hotspot.  I have to have a back-up device like one of these little Mobile Hotspot and hope it will work for the 25 minutes I need to be available to the students.


    It has nothing to do with just ordering a phone online.  I have the New Every Two coming to me so when I try to order the iPhone is does not givee me the rebate and when I go to the next line to update (the old MIFI2200 3G) it says this line cannot be updated.  Both of these lines are on expired contracts and both are supposed to give me the New Every Two because I signed up with Verizon when the New Every two was active so they are still  giving it to customers who signed up when they were still using the New Every /two.


    so it is very complex and it is much more than ordeering a phone online.  Trust me I have tried to do it because I prefer to stay away from the Verizon agents.

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    Interesting post.


    I found what looks like an awesome case.  the LifeProof iPhone case.  it really looks like somthing I have been looking for a long time.  I hope it is as good as it appears to be online.

    why are you not a big phone user?


    the link you gave me looks like it is whirlpool, which is a company that makes washer & dryers and other appliences.


    If I understood phones that are unlocked better I might look into getting an iPhone that is unlocked, but I do not understand them.  For traveling I got it but if I use the phone her where I live I am not sure it is all worth it.  I ned to find a decent MIFI 4G Mobile HOtspot that is decent for now since I am getting worried that the broadband provider for the townhouses where I live provides such poor service.  Integra is the name.  If you ever have a choice, stay far away from them.

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    Thanks for the article at l

    I am not very good with understanding this kind of lingo so the article basically lost me.  For somebody who does understand this talk, this would seem like something to check out.

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    Yo are funny man.  I am with Verizon so it is not like you are trying to talk me into something I know nothing about.  I have 2 expired contracts with Verizon and that is the problem.  I have the $50 rebate on the MIFI line that does not work anymore and Verizon can't fix it, and the phone rebate is $35 and I am thinkinbg about getting the iPhone 4S on that line.  the problem is that I do not like the company.  they are mean, they rip you off, they charge you for every little thing they do extra like the restocking fees for devices that do not work in the area I live is crazy.  4G on Verizon works in most of Salt Lake City but I live in this small pocket near TRAX and other trains and I gues these cause problems with getting the signal, even the 3g signal to and from my townhouse..  they have ben charging e full price for the MIFI2200 3G for a year even know it has not picked up a signal for about that same amount of time.  why have I not  cancelled it.  because I procrastinate and that line has a rebate I want to use, but I am slow at deciding what I want to do.

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    Definitely not the Otterbox. They let dirt in between the case and the phone, scratching it up and getting into the speaker ports etc.


    I have been using a LifeProof and an external mophie juice pack for about a year now. Love them both!

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    as with your lifeproof do you use a shield cover with otterbox or lifeproof? Like invisibleshield?  Is invisibleshield hard to apply correctly?

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