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Hi all


It looks like synchronising the mac mail client with an Exchange server has an issue with contacts being autocompleted getting duplicated last names. This issue was previously raised before (see but that message has been archived even though there's seemingly no answer there?  I believe this is a bug with the mac mail client as I've never seen it anywhere else - not even on iphone etc synched to the same server.


Sorry to raise a previously closed topic but it's very annoying and I cannot see why the previous post was archived when there's no resolution?


I'm using OSX Lion 10.7.3 with an Exchange server 2010 - although this seems to have been an issue with previous OSX releases and Exchange server versions for some time.


Grateful for any workaround suggestions or other clues.




MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I have the same issue.  iPhone mail works fine.  The fixes in the previous archive such as remove previous recipients does not work.  I'm also using Exchange server.  Is there no fix for this bug?



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    Did you get a solution for this? I have the same issue.

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    Sadly no solution yet. It seems to me as though this problem has been around for a lo-oooooong time but Apple are completely ignoring it.



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    I fixed it... I deleted my exchange account in address book preferences and after created a new one and synced again with the exchange server.


    All good now!

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    Thank you, this resolved a long-standing issue and should be helpful to others with the same problem.

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    Having the same issue ever since upgrading to 10.8. Ditto on comments about not a problem on other devices (that is, iPhone behaves correctly). Not sure if my hospital's Exchange is 2003 or 2007, but otherwise situation is as descried by boyvinall at beginning of this thread.


    I tried the solution offered by Mammoth68 with a slight modification.


    1. I deleted my Exchange account in Contact preferences.

    2. I went to Mail --> Window --> Previous Recipients --> and selected all and Removed from List (because this had been proposed in another thread as a standalone "cure" for this problem we're all having.

    3. I re-added my Exchange account in Contact preferences.


    When I brought my Exchange account online/back online for the first time, it crashed Contacts. However, after re-opening it, it synced up very soon and now when I go to compose a message the last name duplication is resolved. Success. Hoping it holds.


    Previously I had tried only the portion with clearing previous recipients and that was insufficient to resolve the problem. The combination did the trick for me. Best of luck to all. //AP

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    I too have this problem.  I tried this fix this morning.  It worked at first, but this afternoon last names are doubling up again.  I guess I'll do it again and see if it holds this time...

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    I've followed this as well a few times, but the problem comes back.  Any other proposed solutions?  Is Apple working on a bug fix?



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    I too have been experiencing this issue since Lion.  I'm on my second Macbook, really wanting to stick with Mail instead of Outlook for Mac...but this is very frustrating to deal with in a busy day of sending emails to the same people over and over. 



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    In my Oct 10, 2012 post, where I outline what fixed it for me and said I hoped it would hold... well, it did not hold.

    So, Apple, please add me back to the roster of folks who would appreciate some guidance on this matter. //AP

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    This is almost as annoying as the newest issue I've encountered with Mail...'Not responding' for 20-30 seconds on startup / wakeup.

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    Agree. These are also my 2 problems with Apple Mail. Wrt to the names it is always happening with the same 4 names and not with the other 1000s of names in my contact list. Very strange.


    Are all the people having the dupicate last name issue having this problem in conjunction with Exchange?

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    Yes, my duplicate last name issue problem is in conjunction with Exchange. //AP

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