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we use in our company iPad 1&2 and also iphones at least iPhone 4 and 4S.

Each OS at least. 4.3.x bust most of our devices has iOS 5.0.1


The devices sync via Exchange ActiveSync.

It is an Exchange 2007 SP1.

Installation of SP3 is planned for the near future...


Some of our users have now the problem that some events will not sync to exchange.

That means their secretaries cannot see the meeting/events.


Also it's the problem that some events will not sync from exchange to the device.


Only one case I could reproduce with my ipad1 (5.0.1).

I created an all day event with reminder at same day at 9 o'clock.

When the reminder is set the event will not show in outlook.

When I create the all day event without reminder the event will show in outlook.

So the problem is here the reminder of the device.

Can someone confirm that?



But that is not the only problem.

I saw on one device that a "normal" event (event for one or two hours) set in outlook didn't sync to the device (ipad2).


Could the "event sync problem" a problem of Exchane 2007 SP1?




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    It sounds like multiple issues may be going on, but if you are having trouble with items going FROM the iOS device TO Exchange, I'd verify that the default calendar on the device is set to exchange and not the device calendar.  After Exchange is added, the default calendar remains the device calendar. 

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    But it's a problem in each direction.


    There are problems with sync from device to exchange and exchange to device.


    Exchange --> device when you copy events.

    The copied events will not sync.


    device --> exchange

    - When you create a new all day event WITH "reminder at this day at 9 o'clock" this event will not sync to exchange. I tested it now with exchange 2007 and exchange 2010 fully patched!

    I think exchange cannot handle the reminder "at this day" because you cannot set this reminder in outlook.


    - And some "normal" events didn't sync. But I can't reproduce this error until now..

    The calender is standard exchange calender


    - just fresh error: Our chairman send an event from his ipad or iphone to one of our manager.

    This events (3 of them) are in outlook and in the calender on the iphone 4S.

    On his ipad the events aren't there.

    Iphone yes, ipad no.

    Both have the same software status (5.0.1).

    His secretary created this events again in outlook and the new one are sync. to his ipad.


    I have no more ideas...

    I planned to patch our exchange 2007 to latest version at weekend next week... maybe some errors will solve this behaviour except of "all day event with reminder at same day" because the problem is still on exchange 2010...

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    For one problem I have a reason why it's not working.


    device --> exchange

    - Reminder for an "all day event" and "reminder at same day at 9 c'clock" is a problem by exchange.

    Respectively it's illogical to remind an event what is starting at 0 o'clock at you should remind for this event at 9 o'clock... 9 hours later

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    Outlook cannot calculate the time when to remind...


    When you create an all day event with a reminder for "one day before" at 9 o'clock then outlook calculate the time... Here would be a reminder set to 15 hours before starting the event.


    For the other problems I hope that the update will solve these problems.