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Recently i bought a white iPhone 4S 16GB with iOS 5.0.1 preinstalled.


The phone was running fine for the first week, untill on the 10th day it started giving battery problems. I had turned on siri, puch notifications, locations services, icloud, 3 email accounts, brightness at 50 %. I used to get battery backup of only 12-14 hours with moderate use. 16 though on lite use. heavy use would kill the phone by 8 hours.


Then i browsed the web for sollution, and i got my problem solved. What i did was :


1. Restored the phone to factory settings by selecting " Reset All Content and Settings "

2. After the restore i set it up as a new phone in iTunes.

3. Then i calibrated the battery by fully charging it to 100% and completely draining it untill the phone shut down due to low battery, then i did full recharge again for around 4 hours( my phone showed full charge at 2 hours, but still I charged it for 4 hours).

4. After that i transfered my music, apps, videos, etc

5. I turned off location services ( Main thing responsible for iPhone4S battery drain)

6. Turnned off siri (Siri eats a huge amount of battery while your are using it. And when you are not, it increases the cpu processing to an extent enough to decrease battery life fast)

7. Brightness set to 50% ( Auto-Brightness disabled )

8. Disabled automatic sending of Diagnostics & Usage to Apple in settings.

9. Turned off iCloud. (in my case iCloud eats a lot of battery, even crashed 2 times before)

10. Now the email setup. try to setup as least email accounts as possible, disasble the push notifications, and set update interval to 'manual'. setting up more email accounts sometimes leads to problems in mail app, failing it to properly sync and donwload emails in your phone, causing a bug in background. and the mail app will constantly trigger the process to sync email even though it is not really synchronize. this constantly triggering of mail process eats battery life.

11. While setting up email, after singing in, select only to sync 'emails', do not select calender, notes, contacts, etc. Its better you sync your contacts, calender, notes, etc with your PC/MAC via iTunes.

12. WiFi and Bluetooth turned off. Only turning on when using them.

13. If you use Facebook app, disable push notifications (optional, your choice)



And finally my battery life is awesome now, around 1.5 days of moderate use, heavy use last full 1 day.

Hope this helps.


And remember, if this does not help, then it is 100% sure that you have a faulty battery, so go to apple store and have a replacement.


Thank you.



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iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Very cool thanks for this. I was thinking about setting mine up as a new phone too. One question tho. Do the Messages (SMS and iMessages) get restored if you do a reset of settings. I really don't want to lose my messages.



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    no, your messages will not get deleted if your reset only 'settings'. but if you reset by selecting "Erase all content and settings" then your messages will get deleted. also if you restore your phone in itunes, everything will get deleted including your messages.


    1) if you have a good working internet connection, i suggest doing restore with itunes and set up as new phone, the download size of restore software is around 810 MB. Note : everything in your phone will get deleted. (THIS PROCESS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)


    2) if not, then do reset by selecting "Erase all content and settings". everything will get deleted, and set up your phone as 'new phone'.

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    So there's no way to retain my messages if I want to apply this fix?

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    yes, you will loose your message. there is no way you can retain your message if you want to set up as new phone

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    This is my post at other threads, i am re-posting it again here............



    so i downloaded this app called " Battery Doctor " which is free at appstore and its download size is about 5.6 MB. its Developer is "Beijing Kingsoft Internet".


    when i opened this app in my iphone, it was written " please open battery doctor while charging ", so i opened it and charged my phone, then it showed me total time left for compete charge.







    then i thought maybe i would calibrate my battery once more with this app, beacuse last time i calibrated 4 times but didn't give good results. BUT THIS APP DEFINITELY HELPED ME TO CALIBRATE MY BATTERY CORRECTLY 100%.


    so i opened this app and charged my phone till total 100%, then completely ran down to 0%, till the phone shutdown itself due to low battery.


    now i charged by phone, and when it powered on after sometime, i opened battery doctor again, and let it charge till 100%. Total charge took around 3 hour 30 minutes(wall charger, not PC) from Fast Charging to Continuation to Trickle Charging.


    after that i used my phone as Normal with calls, sms, browsing, wifi, checking mails and some music through headphones. (note : location services and siri are turned off ), and woooooow battery life improved greatly. here it is :


















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    Actually I happened to download BatteryDoctor too. Its definitely helped. Another thing I did was reset all settings (not erase). This didn't get rid of anything data related, but improved the battery a LOT.

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    Glad it helped you. But if you experience problems again in future, then doing reset with "Erase all settings and content" is a must.


    And don't worry about loosing data, afterall we all sync our iPhones with iTunes and all the datas are present right there in your computer. We just transfer them to our iphone via itunes. Regarding contacts, you can sync your contacts with the windows contacts in 'info' tab. Then your iphone contacts will get copied into your computer, and after full reset you can sync back the contacts, thus u won't loose your contacts too. This is incase you do full reset, that is "Erase all settings and content".



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    I would lose SMS and messages. That's a concern for me.

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    j_brahma, Reseting all content and settings will remove all important data in iPhone. Few months before I downloaded SYS Activity Manager. This application works pretty well and I occasionally use it. Hope this information can help others.

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    I think I found the answer to the baterry drain. I been testing setting y setting to see whats causing the poor battery of my iPhones. I been testing my iPhone for a week now and two days ago I turn off the cel network search settings under Location Services and my battery was able to hold for a full day and a half and 7 h off heavy usage (email, texting, phone calls, Facebook, twitter). The main thing was that under standby there was almost no battery drain. I think that this setting was causing my phone to die by 5 pm every day. (I start my day at 6am). Now I'm able to last until the next day with out charging it!


    This is what I did a week ago


    1. reset the phone to factory settings with the computer ( I had to download the iOS since I did the last update via OTA)

    2. Setup 2 exchange accounts with PUSH, and iCloud with PUSH, iTunes match

    3. Turn off ping

    4. Turn off all system service in location services, exept compass calibration ( I use it with waze).

    5. My apps locations services I left on the ones I know I use


    Let me know how it goes!

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    ...So, you disabled everything useful your iPhone has. Well done. You have now a 1.5 days-lasting brick!