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lavacano201014 Level 1 (5 points)

The problem: When I plug my iPod into a computer (for any reason, whether to use as a flash drive (data usage enabled in iTunes), or just to charge), it locks up and is rendered almost unusable.


The temporary workaround: If I hold down Center and Menu for the six seconds while Hold is turned off, it force-restarts and works as it's supposed to (even if it's still plugged in).


The additional details: This happens on both Windows 7 and Windows XP, and I assume it happens on Linux as well (but never actually tested), and the only thing that freezes on the computer when this happens is the hardware plugin stuff (e.g. if I plug my phone in while my iPod is in the frozen state, the computer won't register the phone as plugged in until I unplug or force-restart the iPod).

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    To assist in troubleshooting,

    What is your iPod firmwqare number?

    What is your iTunes version?


    Firstly do a backup of your iPod data, as the following (RESTORE) will erase your iPod, the iPod firmware need to be updated.

    Put your iPod in Diskmode

    Then connect it to your PC.


    Launch iTunes and Restore your iPod.

    Good Luck!

  • lavacano201014 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm probably a couple of firmware versions behind, I'll update when I get home today. I can't check my firmware version now, as my iPod is currently plugged in (and working as intended), and if I unplug it to check the firmware version things will start crashing down around me.

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    You check your iPod firmware on the iTunes summary page when you connect it to iTunes.

    Your iTunes version would also help in troubleshooting.

    have a nice day!

  • lavacano201014 Level 1 (5 points)

    iTunes version 10.5.3

    iPod firmware version 2.0.4


    All channels tell me I'm up to date. Note that this freeze also occurs on computers that don't have iTunes installed.

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    Yikes!, it may means it is the iPod Classic firmware 2.0.4, that is hanging up the USB Host controller, which freezes your whole Computer.

    Could be a partially updated firmware 2.0.4, (so kind of corrupted)

    Can you


    1. Open in finder <yourname>/Library/iTunes/iPod Software Updates/

    2. Remove the .ipsw and .ipsw.signature for the version you are wanting to drop, in this case, 2.0.4

    3. Open iTunes and in Preferences uncheck automatic check for updates.

    4. Connect iPod and select restore. It will ask you if you want to check for newer update. Select Yes. All files will be removed and it will have to resync the entire library but it worked.


    PS: try and do this in Diskmode.

  • lavacano201014 Level 1 (5 points)

    I appreciate it, but I sincerely doubt that it's due to corrupted firmware, for two reasons:

    - If the .ipsw.signature file is what I think it is (and I think it's some sort of checksum), then iTunes checks the download when it finishes to make sure it downloaded completely and correctly.

    - Typically, when things corrupt, an entire section (if not the whole thing) becomes useless garbage. This appears to be more...folded into a paper airplane (I don't know I'm bad at analogies)


    If there's no other solution then I'll go ahead and try that when I have the four/five hours to spare putting everything back on my iPod (maybe on the 27th when my phone data plan's quota resets, I can listen to music through that temporarily)

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    It has been brought to my attention, not to assume anything, so please do a Hard Reset  as below


    1. After charging till full charge, at least 2 hours (preferably 4 hours)
    2. Toggle the Hold switch, make sure you dont see the red mark when you do the  next step
    3. Reset the iPod -> Press Menu and Center button simultaneously for about 10 secs till the Apple Logo comes ON
    4. Then release the buttons
    5. Select your preferred language.

    Here is the Apple support Article on the 5Rs


    If you have done this and it doesn't help, my apology.

  • lavacano201014 Level 1 (5 points)

    Bilbo_cheshire wrote:

    Reset the iPod -> Press Menu and Center button simultaneously for about 10 secs till the Apple Logo comes ON


    10 seconds is longer than usual so I held it down for that length of time - all that did was brick it.


    Fortunately it managed to enter a full-off state or something about five minutes in so holding the same buttons for the usual length of time turned it back on with zero data loss.


    It was a good idea though.

  • Binku Level 1 (0 points)

    Is your problem stolved now?


    My iPod Classic freezes too.

  • PaulineGA Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a Ipod Classic with 2.0.4 firmware.


    It also locks Itunes everytime it connects to the Windows XP pc.


    Returns error that device timeout the specified I/O operation was not completed before the timeout period.


    Can I adjust the time out period on the usb connection?


    How can I reload or reset the firmware if that is in fact the problem?



  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    Sorry, you got to get some MS Windows forum for that query on timeout period, but it may not be helpful and may cause other problems.

    One of the reasons could be a bad hardisk, which iPod software couldn't finalise updating the filesystem..


    Do the iPod Disk Diagnostic, refer to this excellent post by tt2., it wont fix your problem but help in troubleshooting, and reducing a lot of frivolous suggestions.

    Have a nice day!

  • buckchuck27 Level 1 (5 points)

    my 160gb ipod also freezes once its plugged into any computer.  what ive noticed is if theres is a song either playing or paused, it will freeze.  if there is nothing playing or paused, it wont have a problem.  im running firmware version 2.0.4.

  • Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 (1,780 points)

    Buckchuck, don't understand your problem, are you trying to play a song on the iPod and then plug it in to the PC?

    Do note that the iPod Classic is just a media player, it is bad at interfacing, causing iTunes freezes and filesystem corruption, if you tries to make it do too many things.

    I would also suggest, when you are connecting iTunes to the iPod Classic, makes sure no other resource hogging software are running, and disconnect all other USB devices.

    We are dealing with 2 big companies, who wont look into bugs in their software, it is alsways the other company bug, that's causes the conflict, just read all the iPod Classic sync issues in these discussion pages.

  • buckchuck27 Level 1 (5 points)

    im not trying to play through my computer.  If happen to go to my computer while listenin to my ipod through my headphones and i just plug it into my computer, it will freeze.  or if i pause my ipod, make it back to my computer and plug it in, it freezes.  the only time it doesnt is if i skip to the end of whatever playlist or album im listening to so there is no song playing.  I'm on my 4th ipod and i dont remember any of the previous doing that.

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