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I have a question and I was hoping some of the people on this forum could help me


I have an iPhone 4, 16 GB and an iPad 2, 64 GB, 3G+WIFI (but I only use it for WIFI)


I soon go on away one month to the other side of the world for my work and I find it very important to stay in contact with the people at home. So, I was thinking that I could use my iPhone (who is with me) to FaceTime to my iPad at home. My iPad is registered on my email adress and my iPhone just has it's own cell phone number. But I tried just now and it is not working.


Is there a way to change something in my settings so I can FaceTime to my iPad and it won't be recognized as the same?


I hope I explained it alright and you guys know where I am talking about.


Thank you!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Yes.  It will work.  Make sure each device has a unique valid e mail address associated with it.  You can add additional ' receive at addresses' in the face time settings.


    Both devices will need face time enabled, and both will need to be on a wifi network.   If your phone and pad are currently sharing an e mail addrss, if you call it, ft will be confused.  So get a second e mail address for the pad.


    The phone is probably fine without a second addrss, as it has a number which is u ique to it.


    When you call the phone from the pad, select the number, as opposed to the e mail address.  When you call the pad from the phone, select the new, unique e mail address.


    Note, you can get a second e mail address from almost anywhere.  G mail is a good choice.  When you add the address to the FaceTime screen it will want to verify that the address is valid.  Will send a e mail to that new addrss, and it will not work until you respond to that e mail.