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Hi there!


I'm new to this community, but I've used apple for a long time. I recently bought a "new-ish" ipod nano off of Amazon. Its in great condition but I can't sync my library or specific playlist to it. It says a folder is missing. Also the manual suggest a usb 2.0 port, is that necessary for the nano? I only have regular usb ports.


I've been without an ipod for some time and I was really excited to have my music with me no matter where I went, and I find myself discouraged.





iPod nano, Windows XP
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    Most of the USB ports (if not all) on your system should be high powered USB 2.0 ports unless they are located on the front on the tower instead of the back.


    As for the error message you are getting, have you tried completely uninstalling and re-installing all Apple software on your PC from scratch?  If not, use the instructions here to walk you through the process.

    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP



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    I haven't reinstalled from scratch because I'm scared of losing all of my music (have about 8.2 days worth -- most CD's, a lot bought on iTunes).


    As for the ports, are the 2.0 ports required for syncronization?


    I noticed that my computer will only recognize the ipod in a drive after the initial plug in, then the computer no longer recognizes it, but iTunes sees it. I feel like it won't sync because the computer doesn't recognize it at all. The ipod charges from the computer, but like I said, reading it isn't consistent.




    I used to own an old 30gb ipod classic that I got back in 2007. I lost it somehow over the summer. I've had the same computer through this time, and it would charge that ipod perfectly, sync it perfectly, everything was beautiful. Nothing has changed but the ipod and the generation.


    Is that really all it needs to make the difference?


    Thanks again!



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    As for the ports, are the 2.0 ports required for syncronization?



    Yes.  If you have purchased your PC within the last ten years, it without a double as USB 2.0 ports on it.


    Uninstalling iTunes has no affect on the content that is actually stored in your iTunes library.  Upon re-installing and opening iTunes, you should find that all of youru content is still there just as before.


    Updates to security (or any other type of software) or installation of other drivers can cause these kinds of issues.