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I have an old emac. We are in an area that  experienced a 5.8 earthquake and recently a 3.4 aftershock. Might just be a coincidence, but since that aftershock, the fan is louder and seems to run all the time. It sounds bad and has never sounded this way before. I have taken the cover off and cleaned inside. It did not help at all. I have read posts about fans, but really am not sure if the big fan I see at the top in back is what the problem is. Please advise. I really cannot afford a new computer, but would be happy to replace a fan, if that is what it needs. Thanks.

eMac (ATI Graphics), Mac OS X (10.5.8), 1 GHz powerPC G4
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    Wow, you did great already opening it up, they're not easy!


    Does that fan spin freely?


    Could it be Hard Drive noise, or even the Optical drive trying to spin up?



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    I am certain it is not the cd drive, as that died a while ago.  I just ordered a replacement which arrived today. As to the questions about the fan and hard drive, I do not know. I took the cover off the mac and had to disconnect the power button to do so. I also had it unplugged. I am not sure how to check the things you mentioned. I will say that the IT folks who work for the county that my mohter-in-law works with say many computers and other electronics were damaged by having things shaken loose. I am wondering if that may have happened with my computer or if the fan has died of old age. I am not a computer genius, but I can follow directions pretty well. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

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    Can you spin the fan by hand?


    If you don't want to replace it, might see

    Getting Rid Of Fan Noise, here...



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    OK. I turned it on with the cover half off. As far as I can tell, the fan in the back, at the bottom (not the top, like I said before!) is the problem. It is a big white fan. It makes a harsh noise, but appears to spin freely. I cannot see any other fans, but I did not open anything. I am going to replace the cd drive. If the noise goes away, I guess that will have fixed it. But, I really think it comes from the big white fan in the back. Your thoughts?

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    I think it is likely the fan, but I'd replace the Optical while in there anyway, 2 out of my 3 eMacs opticals died

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    I finally fixed my fan problem! I was able to follow some directions on how to lubricate your fan and it worked like a champ! Now have my fan, hard drive and optical drive all fixed up. It is like a new computer. Thanks for your advice and for anyone that needs to, you can get a fan online if yours dies or you can try lubricating like I did.

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    Great news Shannon, thanks!