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Hi Everyone,



I need some help with my old MacBook A1181 1.86 Core Duo. I have been searching this forum and many others for the solution but could not find anything close to my issue.





My MacBook freeze randomly on startup. I noticed that it happens more often when you start it after its been off for half a day or so. After i boot it and fix permissions I can restart it 20+ times and it would not freeze.


I tried:


- resetting PRAM and NVRAM

- installed brand new hard drive

- replaced broken power adapter with new

- resetting one of each RAM sticks (i have 2gb - 2x1 Gb )

- using one  RAM stick at the time

- tested without wireless card

- tested without SuperDrive



Computer Specs:


MacBook 1.1

1.86 Core Duo

2Gb ram (2x1 Gb)

500 gb hard drive


MAC OSX 10.5.8 ...fully upgraded , fresh install. i reinstalled twice


My questions are:


Does missing battery affects any internal components (nvram or pram)? If its been unplugged for a while.


What else can I do in this situation?