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I am trying to uninstall Adobe Creative Master Suite 5, but am unable to do so while Google Chrome Helper EH is running. However even after uninstalling Google Chrome I can't seem to get Google Chrome Helper EH to stop running/deleter. How do I make sure it's not running or completely delete it so that I can continue with my uninstallation of Adobe Creative Suite 5? Any feedback would be appreciated. I am running a Max OSX Version 10.6.8

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I can't even find out what Google Chrome Helper EH is even with a google search.  At any rate, check the following places,


    your login items

    ~/Library/LaunchAgents (in your home directory)





    There's probably some google crap i there somewhere.  Except for the login items which is obvious the plists you find in those folders are used to launch associated processes at boot time and login.  I assume that Google Chrome Helper EH is being launched from one of these places or your login items.

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    I had the same exact issue.  To solve it you have to open up the Activity Monitor in Utilities and have the Adobe Uninstaller open at the same time. 


    With both windows open on the desktop for easy access to both, double-click on the Google Chrome Helper process in the Process Manager window.


    You are given the option to quit.   DON'T QUIT YET.  You need to be ready to immediately hit the button to uninstall Adobe in the uninstaller. 


    As soon as you click the "Quit" (not Force Quit) button in the Activity Monitor, really fast mouse over to the Adobe Uninstaller and hit the uninstall button. 


    It may take a couple of times to get the timing down in order to get the uninstaller started.


    I am currently Adobe CS5 free, and installing CS5.5.


    Hope this helps.


    MBPro 17" - Mac OS X 10.7.3


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    You are a genius!


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    Just in case someone else stumbles upon this thread…


    Google Chrome Helper EH lives here


    </Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/Versions/[version_no]/Google Chrome Helper EH.app>


    It's the host process for the Shockwave Flash plugin. Chrome can use the common Flash plugin, which lives here


    </Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin>


    but it comes with its own version here


    </Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/Versions/[version_no]/Google Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player Plugin for Chrome.plugin>


    If you need to disable it, the simplest method is to use Chrome to go to




    and disable Flash.

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    fane_j, if I disable Flash from google chrome, thus stopping Google Chrome Helper EH from running, what will that do to chrome? Will it not be able to play videos because of the lack of Flash?

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    Hi. Yes, when you disable Flash Player you cannot play videos on Chrome. But for some reson it interferes with the installing (or uninstalling) of some Adobe products.


    So the best practice known to me, at this point, is to temporarily (NOT permanently) disable Flash Player -- BOTH the chrome PPAPI (which at this point should stay disabled) and the adobe NPAPI -- while installing or uninstalling the files that ask to quit Google Chrome Helper EH.


    Once done, re-enabling the NPAPI Flash Player should cause no problems, as it is needed to play videos on Chrome.

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    In my case the compete fix was to trash Chrome and return to

    old faithful Firefox as recommended in this thread - best advice

    I rec'd all year.


    "google chrome helper" using too much CPU?