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I'm more than a little surprised that Apple hasn't made it easier to "search by iBooks Author books" in the store.


Does anyone have any sources that are showcasing iBooks Author books?



  • K T Level 7 (23,705 points)

    This has been discussed often and the answer is always the same...there is no way to pick them out.


    Life On Earth is one example if you're just looking to download something to gauge, etc. Yellow Submarine is not iBA, for contrast.

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    Genius Apple move. Reminds me of the way they rolled out podcasting so many years back: "Here's some tools and access to the store. The rest is up to you, including how our standards actually work. Good luck."




    Thanks for the answer, KT. I suspected this was the answer. Is there any blog/forum/web page perhaps that collects up such a list?

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    I can google for that if you like...did you need it?

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    I've been googling it. I haven't found anything of note. Thus the post here.

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    You seem to think I'm holding info back and you need to prompt me to spill it...I'm hurt


    The least you could do is offer to buy me a drink...

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    iTunes Store> Books> Enhanced Books lists all interactive books made with iBooks Author (although it also lists other enhanced books as well).