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Hello All:

I have an older iMac (24" White plastic casing) with 2 gig of RAM, & Dual core 2.33 Ghz processors running 10.7.3. After 5-6 years of virtually flawless performance, I'm getting to the point where I feel like I've no doubt collected a lot of "crud" on my HD, and am experiencing slower and slower performance. Lots of beachballs when doing the simplest of taskes. I'm basically a net surfer/emailer, so those who are quick to say "buy a new iMac" I don't really think I need to. There seems to be no universally approved third party app. to "clean out" my iMac as I've looked, and there are lots of warnings along with every positive claim for a particular cleaning program. Are there any established/approved things that I can do manually to boost my performance? I do run disk permissions repair around once a month to keep that cleaned up. Any other tricks out there?


Mac OS X (10.7.3), White case