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    Maggie,  this also just happened to me!   WA causally browsing the interest and then bang,  and all this smoke comes out.  Scared the **** out of me!  Really concerned is they replace it this could happen again and cause a fire when I'm not around.  I have just switched from pc to mac but looks like I'll be going back! Btw,  I have had the laptop for exactly 1 week,  purchased brand new

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    Mine just DIED on me 20 minutes ago, which brought me here. My experience is not unique after all. I heard POP then smoke came out while I was browsing my vacation pictures, then my mac pro went completely dead. The power cord was plugged in, no other programs were running in background. I'm pretty sure this is a known problem given quite a few poeple reported the same in other threads. How did the replacing go? From what I read so far, not very smooth. It seems now Apple is leaning on user mis-usage and fending for a possible large recall and worse, potential fire hazard caused by design??!! I'm a customer for years and never had problem with apple products before. Now it's time to put customer service/support into test. I'm going to the shop tomorrow

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    What was the outcome of naughty Apple not believing your story?  Was the situation resolved?  Since you haven't reposted in 6 months, can we assume that you were simply blowing off smoke (har de har har)?

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    I've just had the same thing happen here. A friend was using my MacBook Pro to watch a TV show on iTunes. It was running just fine and then made a pop and died. There was definitely no spill of any kind of liquid involved. At the time it was plugged in and had only moments earlier just reached a 100% charge. It had only been turned on for about 5 minutes so there was not enough time for it to get hot. There was no smoke but a very strong smell of fried electronics coming out of the left speaker. The machine was 4 years old so its warranty (can't remember if it was extended warranty or not) is clearly out of date. So this will not be a warranty claim. Based on the suggestions on this thread - the helpful ones not the sarcastic ones - I might take it in to an Apple store for a quote but I'm posting this to reassure some folks that this kind of thing can obviously happen sometimes even if there is no spillage of liquids involved.

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    This happened to me, too.  About 1-2 weeks from the factory, a brand new late 2014 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina.  Was checking and responding to email while plugged in.  Heard a 'pop' sound and laptop screen as well as external display went black and machine went dead.  Saw a puff of smoke come out from the left side ports; smelled like something had burnt.  My place of work had bought the machine and my understanding is that Apple and/or the vendor refused to replace it with a new machine (I had heard that there is supposed to be a 30 day return period.  If true it was not utilized), instead sending it for repair.  I heard it was received back today and will update after I get it back in my hands and ask for information on how it was handled after it left my hands.  Surprising experience with a brand new high-end MBP.

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    OK, so I was wrong when I said that Apple refused to replace the machine; this was an error on the side of the company I work at; they requested the repair by accident. 


    Anyway, I got the rMBP back and it's been repaired; what I heard was that it was the "logic board" had been replaced.  For what it's worth.

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