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I followed the instructions, but now I do not see any calendars to sync or any mail accounts to sync in the Info section of iTunes.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    UPDATE:  Removing an account and readding it works.  Give it a go, then restart both applications (itunes and mail.app).





    I had a developer preview test installed (Mountain Lion DP3), and downgraded to OSX 10.7 via changing a system file with the version.  This is when I began noticing this issue.  I have heard there are issues with the maoil app, so I went and restored the file as directed from an old time machine backup.  No dice.  Not sure if it's related, but wanted to throw it out there.  I have sinced downgraded to 10.7 per another post on being able to check the box but no accounts.  STILL NO DICE.  I cannot check the box for syncing mail.