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    Think of it as an investment... I have never regretted the $ spent, the Motu has performed flawlessly, it has opened up so many creative possibilities for me.

    Logic pro is also a great purchase, but a little more complex to get into than FCPX, any help I can give please ask.


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    xfggfx wrote:



    How to create a 5.1 surround audio file...I hope this workflow is accurate

    This should clear the room...:-)



    Just to get this all DO NOT need to create surround audio filesin Logic,

    to create surround sound in FCPX.

    FCPX has qute a nice surround editing interface.

    BUT a multiple ins and outs audio interface e.g MOTU 828, is necessary.

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    A simple experiment looks like this: (other audio interfaces will be similar)


    Fire up the Motu Audio Setup app. see img



    Open Mac System prefs > Sound , select Motu for Input and Output


    Start a new project, check project properties are surround and 48khz

    Add some footage to the timeline, with or without sound is ok.

    Add at least 6 fx sounds from FCPX sound library one with heavy bass effects is good for LFE test.

    see img



    Select each sound and change the Surround Panner parameter to Circle

    (other presets worth experimenting with, e.g. ambience etc.)

    see img



    Grab the grey dot in the panner and move it, the sound will move around in your speaker system.

    The panner will be coloured if it is anywhere other than in front of one speaker icon i.e. exclusively thru one of the speakers

    see img



    thats easy and plenty of parameters to play with

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    I know the issue has been solved but I also was looking for a way to monitor 5.1 from FCP X.

    As I'm not planning on spending anywhere near a 1000 bucks, and only need USB -> 6 x analog out, I found this nifty little cheap thing:

    The specs aren't half bad and I think this would do the trick nicely as I already have a surround amp with 5.1 analog inputs (DENON AVR3311). It also is compatible with Mac core audio, so no drivers needed.

    If I'm not mistaken, you can assign channels to outputs in the MIDI/Audio configuration app on your mac.


    Haven't tried it yet, but will let you know once I do.

    Hope this also helped




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    Oops, my AVR-3311 doesn't have 5.1 analog inputs, only pre-outputs, darn!

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