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I have 3 other websites using the same format of the INDEX displayed on top of each webpage. The current one I have constructed was all right until I added 2 more pages [total of 27 pages; another site has 38 pages with no problems engaging the Index when on the last page].


Upon checking the 'publish site' on the server [Safari] before uploading, when I was on the last page, I could not engage other pages on the Index. I noted this occurring on a friend's computer [MacBook using Safari] — after the website had been uploaded — thinking it their problem. However, when the same inaccessiblity to engage the Index occurred on my browser, I am concerned. It means I have to use the 'Back' command to re-engage the Index.


Is this specific to this new published website as 'server' related, or is it an iWeb glitch?


Rather strange when I have not encountered the problem on my other published websites until I was at my friend's computer's Safari browser [Snow Leopard] and today on my own Safari browser [Lion] for this new website.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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