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I just bought a Toshiba external 1TB USB drive for my wife's macbook air (newest July 2011 version macbook), the drive is powered by the UBS port. The drive paperwork said that it would have to be formatted for mac so I plugged it in and it did not show up on the desktop. I checked the preferences and all of the items were clicked under "General" so it should, I even tried rebooting the mac without success. I then plugged the hard drive into my macbook air (Dec 2010 version) and it showed up on the desktop. I formatted it successfully. I plugged it into my wife's macbook air and it still does not show up on the desktop. I tried multiple USB ports, I know they work and each port powered the drive on. I just tried a second external USB drive I have and it shows up. We macs are both running 10.7.3. Any suggestions?

Mac OS X (10.7.3)